Little Crafty Me. (Just something about Doctor Who that isn’t about the parting of Matt Smith)

I like to call myself a rather crafty individual. Most of the things I make have to deal with some fandom or another. So I decided to post a few Whovian things I’ve done. 🙂 Don’t really know why other than I’m bored, I have a webcam and I’m at home with nothing else to do (actually I could be doing a lot of things right now, I just don’t want to.)

Say hello to Mr. Dalek, he’s a friendly fellow, he invaded my house at Christmas time. No I didn’t make him, but the thing behind him is a half finished project for a Sherlockian craft I’m working on at the moment.


This little girly isn’t finished either… (gosh I need to get something done around here!) but she’s a TARDIS box that is currently containing very random objects inside of it…

and the other thing in the picture is my too tall fez. but still my fez, after all fezzes are cool. 🙂


A TARDIS I can have close to my heart

But speaking of the TARDIS (this one is complete) I made a little necklace myself. Love it so much! a very good conversation starter.

Nikon #1 722

A Time Lord even needs to know what time it right? well it’s Baker Troughton’o’clock

Nikon #1 731 Nikon #1 728

Oh and I made a few books marks.

and a few snowflakes….

Nikon #1 763 Nikon #1 764 Nikon #1 765 Nikon #1 766 Nikon #1 767 Nikon #1 768 Nikon #1 769 Nikon #1 771 Nikon #1 770

And Christmas was a very nerdy one this year. The first is Pond themed, then Adipose, Dalek, Ood, Eleven, Angels (my fav!), The Silence, Rose (Doomsday, yes I went there) and the TARDIS.

Yeah…. that’s all. I love making things! I can’t help myself!


Angels Take Manhattan


Wow! this one made me cry! now, for the first while in this post, I’m going to do my very best to not get emotional, simply because I have a few things to say about the story, not just Amy and Rory’s passing.
Like all the other episodes, I have watched each one twice, the first just for the enjoyment, and the second for when my brain is thinking, and I need some refreshers or confirmation on some ideas I have. This episode was nothing different, although it was a little harder to watch the Ponds go a second time, but it almost felt like a second goodbye. *sigh* anyway…

The second time I watched it, I took notes. simply because I remember seeing things that caught my attention the first time through, but when it reached the end of the show I forgot them, and all I could think about was Amy and Rory.
so, now to look at some notes I have.

I really liked how River called herself Melody Malone in this one! It suddenly brought back memories from when she was in NY as a child, when her name was still Melody, which brought me to the thought that possibly *maybe* she could be a younger version of River than before, but then that gets blown out of the water simply because she knows she’s married to the Doctor…
Thinking about River now, do you think it’s possible that after the finale of series 6 that time straightened out, and her timeline is going in the same direction as everyone else’s? becuase, as time is going on, the Doctor’s time line is our timeline, sort of, just so much that we understand; and now, River is aging more, she doesn’t look as young, she knows all about the Ponds being her parents and the Doctor being her husband. Can the future be rewritten?

Fun note now, did anyone else notice that the time they landed in China was 221 BC, or 221 Baker St.? or… for the fangirl like myself 221 Benedict Cumberbatch? (yes, I am a Wholockian.) maybe this similarity was a hint to the ending of the Ponds. Let’s take a look at the show Sherlock. (spoilers ahead for those of you who have not seen all of Sherlock and want to) The Reichenbach Fall. In the end of the episode, much like Amy and Rory, Sherlock jumped off the side of a building and “died”, but, as we saw in the end, he really was alive. (How? well, I guess we’ll have to wait until January. *shakes fist* MOFFAT!!!) Amy and Rory pulled the same trick. jump off a building, die, then come back to life. What if this is a hint saying that this won’t be the last time we see the Ponds? It’s not like it’s really impossible. couldn’t the Ponds just move to some other state? got to the west or south a few years later, the Doctor would be able to bring the TARDIS over there. all he can’t do is bring it back to NY in 1938, what’s stopping him from going to Virginia in 1940? And if you might come back at me saying that the Ponds couldn’t move because they were stuck in Winter Quay, they weren’t the building was destroyed after the paradox, therefore, they would be able to live as normal people in the city.
another note just came to mind! the grave stone that had Amy and Rory’s names on it, it didn’t have the year that they died! what if they really were found by the Doctor somewhere else in another year and picked up the in TARDIS and they continued their adventures together, then when they died, they simply asked to be buried in New York!
obviously, and sadly this isn’t true, because when you look at reality Karen and Arthur are finished with Doctor Who (unless they came back in the 50th anniversary special and this was the loop hole that Moffat kept to bring them back for later). anyway, all that to say that I really really really hope that it was some sort of a hint that we’ll see Amy and Rory again.

Something else that caught my attention, River was talking to the Doctor about his sudden vanishing in nearly every database in the universe. What if that was Oswin? she cleared the minds of the Daleks, what’s to stop there and not say that she did it to the whole universe, making the question even bigger for the 50th anniversary special. Doctor who?

Also, Christmas wasn’t mentioned in this episode like it has been in the past. maybe it’s because Moffat knew it would be on our minds, we’re all waiting the next episode a whole dreadful two months away!

Overall, the episode was amazing! I have loved watching the Ponds grow up, change and become such amazing characters! Just look at how they have changed! from a (to be polite) shallow girl to the heroic Amy, and from the wimpy limp-wristed boy to the selfless centurion. I think they have changed the most out of all the companions Doctor Who has had from 2005 to now. I’m going to miss them both dearly!  I really don’t even know what to say to even come close to what I’m feeling about the whole thing. I’m going to miss them but I’m not going to let their loss make me become at all bias against the new companion coming along. I’m really looking forward to Christmas, because then we get an answer to how in the world Oswin becomes the Doctor’s traveling buddy. but in the mean time, we have plenty of time to cry over the Ponds.


Goodbye Ponds.