Little Crafty Me. (Just something about Doctor Who that isn’t about the parting of Matt Smith)

I like to call myself a rather crafty individual. Most of the things I make have to deal with some fandom or another. So I decided to post a few Whovian things I’ve done. 🙂 Don’t really know why other than I’m bored, I have a webcam and I’m at home with nothing else to do (actually I could be doing a lot of things right now, I just don’t want to.)

Say hello to Mr. Dalek, he’s a friendly fellow, he invaded my house at Christmas time. No I didn’t make him, but the thing behind him is a half finished project for a Sherlockian craft I’m working on at the moment.


This little girly isn’t finished either… (gosh I need to get something done around here!) but she’s a TARDIS box that is currently containing very random objects inside of it…

and the other thing in the picture is my too tall fez. but still my fez, after all fezzes are cool. 🙂


A TARDIS I can have close to my heart

But speaking of the TARDIS (this one is complete) I made a little necklace myself. Love it so much! a very good conversation starter.

Nikon #1 722

A Time Lord even needs to know what time it right? well it’s Baker Troughton’o’clock

Nikon #1 731 Nikon #1 728

Oh and I made a few books marks.

and a few snowflakes….

Nikon #1 763 Nikon #1 764 Nikon #1 765 Nikon #1 766 Nikon #1 767 Nikon #1 768 Nikon #1 769 Nikon #1 771 Nikon #1 770

And Christmas was a very nerdy one this year. The first is Pond themed, then Adipose, Dalek, Ood, Eleven, Angels (my fav!), The Silence, Rose (Doomsday, yes I went there) and the TARDIS.

Yeah…. that’s all. I love making things! I can’t help myself!


The Rings of Akhaten

Hello! I’m here, I’m back and I’m writing!  (thanks for waiting!)

Now I get to finally talk about this episode! 😀 so here we go!

Since I’m in a bit of a hurry, and I promised that this blog would be out before the next episode, I’m not going to take notes, instead I have the show opened up in another window,  so I will watch, pause, blog, repeat. 🙂 let’s hope this sucker is coherent!

*presses play button*

LEAF!! told ya! told ya! I knew it would be in here! the one from the book! oh squee! (although, I did get it wrong, thinking that she got the leaf from this planet. they wrote a better answer, more sentimental. good. I like it. 🙂 I approve. )
I absolutely loved the scenes where the Doctor watched Clara grow up, meeting her parents! daww!
having watched this episode once before, It’s interesting how when Clara’s father is talking to his lovely lady about the most important leaf in human history, it sounds a lot like what the Doctor was telling the Queen of Years when he starts talking about how she is unique in the universe. something special, a little nugget.

Another thing, super sad moment, the death of Clara’s mother, Ellie Ravenwood, I’m writing this down for my sake as much as yours, (dates are important to me) she was born September 11, 1960 (three years before Doctor Who first aired) and she died March 5, 2005 (the year of the, for lack of better words, “New Who” (although I consider it all the same show))

“She’s not possible.” – The Doctor
I have an idea, what if, the Doctor hadn’t met Clara at that exact moment in that exact time, and exact place, maybe she wouldn’t have existed three different times as one person. what if the reason Clara is the way she is is because of the adventures and happenings of traveling with the Doctor, after all, he seems to be looking at time as a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff. does he remember this?

Clara could be another life somewhat like River, backwards/ wibbly-wobbly and crazy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But I think it’s the Doctor’s fault in the first place that Clara is the way she is.

Anyway to the Rings!
It was the first time we’ve seen an alien planet in a long while! quite refreshing! 🙂 It felt a bit like starwars though. 🙂 all the strange noises, the humanoid aliens and funny a names, still loved it though! did anyone else notice the mixed alien? there was one alien, the one that Clara ran into while she was chasing the Doctor around the corner. the creature had the face of the monster from “Love & Monsters” in series 2 (my least favorite episode ever), it was wearing a green things infront of it’s mouth that was what the Hath from “The Doctor’s Daughter” in series 3, and it had a bit of “Ood noodle” strings coming out from underneath.
there’s a reference to the three companions in one alien. interesting and just fun. 🙂
(and the Ultramanta made noises like the Cyberman. hmm)

I loved how the Doctor mentioned his granddaughter! ❤ sadly, I haven’t seen hardly any of the first Doctor, but I would love to see the old take on the planet and creatures, and the similarities between the two.

Much later in the episode, when the three are in the holy area with the sleeping vampire/alarm clock/ ugly thing, the Doctor tells the story to Mary about how she is special, and the only one, Clara seemed to notice that it was something a lot of what her parents probably told her a lot, which would lead to why she asked him later if he was there at her mother’s funeral.

(the Vigil are absolutely creepy! ish! right up there with the Silence for me. to much whispering. ick)

I’ve seen a few things here and there about this episode being “the worst episode ever” but I don’t think it is. it’s not as much about the adventure as it is about learning more about the Doctor, we get to hear him say his rules, if you well, Never walk away. When you have something precious run, run until you’re out of the shadow.
we’re learning about the Doctor, it’s a very sentimental episode. it’s about history, setting the stage. I mean goodness he even mentioned his granddaughter!
This episode is about the people, not the adventure.

“Okay then. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell you a story. Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgment. All these people whose ancestors devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves to you. Can you hear them singing? Oh you like to think you’re a god. But you’re not a god. You’re just a parasite. Eat now with jealousy and envy and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorrow, so… so come on then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you’re got a big a big appetite. Because I’ve lived a long life. And I’ve seen a few things. I walked away from the last great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time, no space. Just me! I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman! And I watched universes freeze and creation burn! I have seen things you wouldn’t believe! I have lost things you will never understand! And I know things, secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spoken! Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze! So come on then! Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all!”

This was definitely a favorite part of mine. It was very precious, it made my mind flash back to all the companions before, the love, the loss. this part made the Doctor personal. he’s always just a mad man in a blue box who lives in a protective bubble of distracting adventures. but we got to see him just for a little bit here. it was wonderful!

I also really liked what Clara said later to the Doctor,

Well whoever she was, I’m not her. Okay? If you want me to travel with you that’s fine. But as me. I’m not a bargain basement stand-in for someone else. I’m not going to compete with a ghost.

Very well said. of course at the beginning we all think of the other Claras and Oswins, but she she talks about not competing with a ghost my mind instantly shot to Rose.
This time with Clara right after the Ponds could have easily become a sort of Rose and Martha thing, where the Doctor is so sad about losing Rose that he doesn’t even notice Martha. He could easily do that with the Ponds and Clara, bumbling along being sad that the Ponds are gone.
I’m glad Clara set him straight. I mean I’m pretty sure that the Doctor wouldn’t do that, but still, there’s a risk.

I really really enjoyed this episode! It was sweet, refreshing, and very feely.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I have. 🙂 I would love feed back and thoughts.
What are your thoughts about this episode? Good? Bad? Love to hear it!


The Bells of St. John

Hello! Happy Easter to all!

Let me just tell you, I am so glad to have Doctor Who back! I’ve missed it ever so much!

I really enjoyed The Bells of St John, it was a nice start for the show again. It wasn’t as spectacular, in my opinion as some other episodes, but it was like an introduction for the rest of the series, “Here’s Clara. Here is how the two get along. Here is a potential big bad guy! Have fun!”
After watching it I was a little bummed, maybe because I watched too many of the small clips before the episode came out or because really, not that much happened. But after the episode I started thinking about it, and that’s when the I started getting really excited! It was like a small meal that’s really not that filling at first, but afterwards, you sit down and do something else and you start to get really really full as time goes on. that’s what happened to me. so let me begin to tell you what I saw and thought about for this episode.

To start things off, hmm, starting is always so awkward for me… so I’m jumping in! Geronimo!

I’m going to start in the year 1207 (since I didn’t really see anything to point out for the very beginning, although it was quite creepy).
“The bells of St. John are ringing.” I liked the little code message for the TARDIS, but why would the Doctor has set up a code with the monks about the phone ringing when he knew that the phone never rang? maybe the poor monk who heard the phone ringing didn’t know what else to call it or the code was simply a panic phrase for if anything with the TARDIS went wrong.
When the Doctor heard the phone ringing he said that is never happens, which is true, because the only other time was in The Empty Child, and that was seven years ago, and even more for him.
Interesting that Clara would be on the other end of the phone, other than for the convenience of the show, how could Clara call him? maybe the TARDIS pulled it out from the time vortex since she would have known that the Doctor was looking for Clara. Or was it fate? in the same way that Wilf was always able to contact the tenth Doctor, will Clara be the eleventh Doctor’s bane like Wilf was to Ten?

Anyway, enough sounding like a soap opera. let’s look at Clara a little more, shall we? or at least the connections between her and the other episodes. We have (with the abbreviations I will give them for faster reference, The Asylum of the Daleks (AD), The Snowmen (TS) and The Bells of St. John (SJ).

The one thing in common with all of them is the line, “Run you clever boy, and remember.”  the color red, Clara always wears red, and of course Clara herself, but her names aren’t always the same.
I think the names are interesting, Clara and Oswin
The name Oswin seems to be connected to the computer techie bit about her. she called herself Oswin in AD and she made up the name while she was figuring out the location of the wi-fi signal.
Oswin = technology, computers, hacking.
While Clara is the name she used in TS and in SJ, just a good old fashioned name, but also in both of those episodes she is a nanny.
Clara = nanny.
I don’t think Oswald has any special things about it. yet….

Nina was also mentioned again. I wonder if we’ll ever meet this Nina….
and speaking of friends, did anyone else think that Angie looked a lot like Melody Pond before she regenerated into the Alex Kingston version? maybe there’s something there.
The book! It’s all over the internet, the book that was mentioned, “Summer Falls” written by Amelia Pond, “Chapter eleven is the best, I cried my eyes out.” hmm reference to Angels Take Manhattan? I think so.

The phrase “run you clever boy and remember” almost seems to be following her around now. she wasn’t talking to the Doctor when she said it this last time. hmm. I’ll let that thought simmer for a few episodes.

Computer packages and splicing!
Did anyone else find it interesting that in order for Clara to be uploaded into the cloud she had to be computer savvy (hence where her cleverness came from for AD)? Why would the human mind have to be spliced and improved if the client/Great Intelligence was just going to consume them? There’s something bigger going on with that. But hey, good thing the needed Clara to be smarter or things might have been different for AD, in fact, AD might not have happened at all, since the classical music/Oswin was what the daleks wanted to stop, and if there was no problem for the Doctor to solve, the Ponds would have never been brought back together and then they would have been miserable for the rest of their lives. So all thanks to Clara’s spliced computer savvy skills, the Ponds were able to live happily ever after to the end of their days. (*Sniffle* stop talking about the Ponds, Anna, you went too far. change the subject)

But speaking of the Ponds and changing, the Doctor is doing rather well adjusting to life and moving on. Although it was really rather sad when he dropped the tweed jacket and went for the purple one instead, as well as wearing the fez for only a few moments and eventually getting rid of it. He’s moving on and it’s sad to watch, but it’s good for him. But he still wears Amy’s reading glasses.

But moving on. The client. GI! Great Intelligence! I thought he was going to be gone for good after TS, but I guess I was wrong. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a long lasting bad guy…
I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with him. How did he survive so long? all the way from the Victorian era to current day. It seems like GI figured out how to control people more… but we’ll see how that goes along. I’m quite curious. and the Doctor doesn’t even know that GI is even existent any more!

Now skipping to the point where your father was violently killed (sorry wrong show *ahem*) when Clara was asleep and the Doctor was looking at the 101 Places to See book.
The Doctor starts setting up the flowers and the jammy dodgers for Clara (cutest thing ever!) he looks at the old book, and there in the first few pages is a leaf. and of course the Doctor being the Doctor he smells it and licks it, his face seems to say that the leaf is not in its original habitat, not just that it is inside of a house, but from a different planet.


Look at what Clara is holding her hand, to me it looks a bit like a leaf… I’m not sure, but that’s the first thing I thought of. So if Clara has a leaf in her book that she doesn’t get until an adventure that happens in the future would that mean that the book is always constant? Like if she was only 7 and she looked at the book it might have all the things that it has in it now? I’m not sure, but something is funny with that leaf. The Doctor questioned it later in the show as well, she didn’t seem to know anything about it, thinking he was only talking about a page in the book, not an actual leaf…
I’m beginning to wonder if Clara is some sort of scar in the universe. After the universe was restarted with the crack and all that fun stuff in season 6 maybe things didn’t get fixed all the way, maybe Clara is a scar, explaining why she shows up in different times and places all over the universe.

Now for the last few things I have to say before you become completely bored of my rambling on.

The Doctor’s age. wasn’t he 2,000 years old the last time we saw him? but in this episode he was only 1,000. something’s a bit fishy there…

I love how the Doctor is so smitten with Clara, it’s the cutest thing to see Smith fumbling around even more because of a girl who calls his TARIDS  a “snogging booth”. 🙂 I cannot wait to watch that relationship grow and mature.
I also noticed a lot of similarities between Eleven and Clara and Ten and Rose.
They’re both smitten for each other,
they have both been on a motorbike together (or at least a moped)
they have also both dealt with a strange alien that wants to feed on human minds. (“feed me!”)
and UNIT.
There was also a small hint of Doomsday music that played when the puppet woman of GI was downloaded into the cloud. (and it was in a tall building)

Now, I know what I’m going to say next might offend some of the Ten/Rose shippers, but I really hope that Clara can be a Rose for Eleven, he needs her, and well, that would just be perfect! ❤

With that final note, thank you for reading this rather lengthy blog, I hope I gave you some ideas to think about, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. please feel free to comment and ask questions, I will be happy to answer them!

When Captain Jack Harkness met Professor River Song

so, I’ve been reading a lot of fan fics lately, especially Wholock. 🙂 oh the fun! so I was inspired to write a little story about Harkness and River meeting, the two biggest flirts in the universe.  so here goes nothing…

The scene was dark and foggy, it was nearly midnight in the middle of New York, the year was 1960.
A woman walked down the dark street, it was seedy part if the city, especially at this hour, but that was the least of her worries. she took a turn down an alley way and through a back door to a dimly lit pub or sorts. she stood at the entrance, a smile slid across her face as she let her eyes adjust scanning across the room, there he was, just the man she was looking for.

“Hello, sweetie.” she whispered to herself as she smiled temptingly and approached a man sitting at the bar, drink in hand. her thick blond hair bounced as she drew nearer. the man was talking to another fellow sitting next to him, “Hello, Alonso.” he grinned.

The man was stunned, “How do you know my name?”

“I’m kinda psychic.” the dark hair man winked, charm oozing out of him, “The name’s Captain Jack Harkness.”

Alonso looked at him stupidly, his big ears didn’t help the look.

The woman stepped in, “Hello, Captain.”  she smiled, leaning against the bar on the other side of him. He quickly turned to see who it was, he wasn’t disappointed, “Hi, the name’s Captian Jack Harness,” he smiled, “and who might you be?”  he asked looking her over head to toe. she returned the glance,
“Professor River Song. ”

“A professor huh?” Harkness said, “What do you study?”

“Archeology.”  River smiled as she put a hand on her holstered gun

“Well, you don’t find much of that here in New York.”

“No, I won’t.” she sighed, flipping her frizzy blonde hair away from her face, “But I’m not looking for any of that right now, I’m looking for something more important, I’ve been told by a mutual friend that there’s a Time Agent here that has something that I can use.”

“Oh really?” Harkness smiled, “and what do you need from this Time Agent.”

River looked down at his wrist, “Just a little of your time.”  she paused, “or more specifically, your time vortex manipulator.”

Jack stepped closer, “Who is this mutual friend?”

River laughed a little, “Spoilers…”

Jack wasn’t getting much from this River Song, but he was intrigued, “What makes you think it’s for sale?” he asked

“I know it’s not.” she replied, “but, I can do a little trade with you. ”

“What exactly are you wanting to trade?”

She pulled out the gun from her holster, “It’s the last one, there’s a banana grove in the heart of Villengrove now, this is the last Sonic Blaster. ” she showed it to him, “Actually, I’m pretty sure that this one is yours anyway.” she said matter of factly.

“So you want me to trade for something that already belongs to me for something else that’s mine?”

“Exactly.” she smiled, “You see, I’m in a bit of a mess, I’m late to a very important wedding, and if I’m right, as I usually am, you’re going to need this gun more than you’ll be needing your vortex manipulator in the next few years. and besides, you’ve got your spaceship anyway.”

Harkness was baffled, “No I don’t, it exploded.”

“Ah, yes it did, he told me about that, well then, I suppose I’ll have to make sure I return this to you a little sooner.” River smiled, “I’m sorry, time is a little confusing sometimes. You’ll be getting your things back as soon as I can return them, you won’t even miss it.”

“How would you know…?”

“Spoilers.”  she laughed, “So, how about you give me that, and I’ll give you back your gun.” she motioned to the cheep trick time machine and the blaster, “After all, I’ve heard that you can’t die, so you have plenty of time to wait, there’s no need to be skipping around time and space now.” she looked up to the ceiling as he tried to recall something she had heard a while ago, “What was it, oh yes, ‘So many species, so little time.’ why don’t you live in the moment and spend all the time you want?”

Harkness had gotten over his shock mostly, he took his drink from the counter behind him, “Why is this wedding so important?” he asked

“It’s my parent’s wedding, a darling one at that.” she smiled, “and I’ve got to save my husband, he doesn’t know it, he’s a little clueless sometimes.”

“and who might this lucky man be?” he asked

“You might know him as our mutual friend, the Doctor.” she replied.

“The Doctor!?” Harkness nearly choked on his drink, “You’re married to the Doctor?!”

She laughed, “and the best part? He doesn’t even know it  yet.”

The Captain couldn’t help but smile, “Well, once you save him, we should all meet up sometime.”

River put her finger to her lips, she chuckled again, with that, she took his arm and unlatched the time vortex manipulator and set the blaster in his hand.

” I’ve got to be going now. Enjoy.” she said she began clicking away at the device she had put on her own wrist. she looked up at him again “Oh,  by the way, 1963 London, you’ll meet someone there you might not expect in a back alley junk yard, it’ll be a real treat, Tell him I River says hello.” she winked, “And well, the rest? that’s all history.” she clicked another button and looked up, “Until we meet again, Jack.” she blew a kiss and winked as she vanished.

Harkness stood alone in amazement, a smile spread across his face. He took another sip of his drink and looked around, as he did a young couple walked in through the front door of the pub. The man was wearing plaid button up flannel, with denim jeans, and what a nose he had! The woman with him was tall and fair skinned with long red hair. They walked over to him. The woman was staring at him oddly, she was holding a box, “Do you think he’s the one?” she asked quietly to her husband.

“River did say that he was wearing a long blue coat.” her husband replied

“oh Rory, there are so many blue coats in the world, that’s hardly any way to identify someone.” she walked up to Harkness,
“Hello, this might be a little strange, but are you Mr. Jack Harkness?”

“Amy!” Rory trotted over to her,”What are you doing?.”

“I’m doing what we were told.” she defended her self.

Harkness cut in,”Well lucky for you, I am Mr. Jack Harkness, Captain Jack Harkness, actually,  and who are you?” he asked

Amy blushed a little, his charm was overwhelming, “Amy. ” she said. she totally forgetting about the package in her hands

Rory took the package, he was quite annoyed, they were in a hurry, after all, and there was no time for flirting, “It’s good that it’s you, cause we’re in a hurry, we have to go, but River said that this was for you.” he handed him the box. Harkness took the box and opened it, Inside was his Time Vortex Manipulator, it was a little worn, but it was still the same one he had given away just a moment ago. He pulled it out and out and found a note.

“Hello Jack, 
thanks for letting me borrow it for a quick moment. I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you in person, but I’m investigating some angels. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the future, perhaps.

PS. meet mom and dad, they were so kind to deliver this to you.” 

he looked up, Amy and Rory were already walking away, he didn’t say anything, but he heard them talking, “I’m so excited that we’re in New York!” Amy said.

“I hope we get to see the Statue of Liberty while we’re here.” Rory replied as they left.

Harkness chuckled to himself, he turned around and looked back at the fellow next to him, “I’m sorry, Alonso, where were we?” he sat back down, charm once again up to it’s highest, there was no stopping him now.

Angels Take Manhattan


Wow! this one made me cry! now, for the first while in this post, I’m going to do my very best to not get emotional, simply because I have a few things to say about the story, not just Amy and Rory’s passing.
Like all the other episodes, I have watched each one twice, the first just for the enjoyment, and the second for when my brain is thinking, and I need some refreshers or confirmation on some ideas I have. This episode was nothing different, although it was a little harder to watch the Ponds go a second time, but it almost felt like a second goodbye. *sigh* anyway…

The second time I watched it, I took notes. simply because I remember seeing things that caught my attention the first time through, but when it reached the end of the show I forgot them, and all I could think about was Amy and Rory.
so, now to look at some notes I have.

I really liked how River called herself Melody Malone in this one! It suddenly brought back memories from when she was in NY as a child, when her name was still Melody, which brought me to the thought that possibly *maybe* she could be a younger version of River than before, but then that gets blown out of the water simply because she knows she’s married to the Doctor…
Thinking about River now, do you think it’s possible that after the finale of series 6 that time straightened out, and her timeline is going in the same direction as everyone else’s? becuase, as time is going on, the Doctor’s time line is our timeline, sort of, just so much that we understand; and now, River is aging more, she doesn’t look as young, she knows all about the Ponds being her parents and the Doctor being her husband. Can the future be rewritten?

Fun note now, did anyone else notice that the time they landed in China was 221 BC, or 221 Baker St.? or… for the fangirl like myself 221 Benedict Cumberbatch? (yes, I am a Wholockian.) maybe this similarity was a hint to the ending of the Ponds. Let’s take a look at the show Sherlock. (spoilers ahead for those of you who have not seen all of Sherlock and want to) The Reichenbach Fall. In the end of the episode, much like Amy and Rory, Sherlock jumped off the side of a building and “died”, but, as we saw in the end, he really was alive. (How? well, I guess we’ll have to wait until January. *shakes fist* MOFFAT!!!) Amy and Rory pulled the same trick. jump off a building, die, then come back to life. What if this is a hint saying that this won’t be the last time we see the Ponds? It’s not like it’s really impossible. couldn’t the Ponds just move to some other state? got to the west or south a few years later, the Doctor would be able to bring the TARDIS over there. all he can’t do is bring it back to NY in 1938, what’s stopping him from going to Virginia in 1940? And if you might come back at me saying that the Ponds couldn’t move because they were stuck in Winter Quay, they weren’t the building was destroyed after the paradox, therefore, they would be able to live as normal people in the city.
another note just came to mind! the grave stone that had Amy and Rory’s names on it, it didn’t have the year that they died! what if they really were found by the Doctor somewhere else in another year and picked up the in TARDIS and they continued their adventures together, then when they died, they simply asked to be buried in New York!
obviously, and sadly this isn’t true, because when you look at reality Karen and Arthur are finished with Doctor Who (unless they came back in the 50th anniversary special and this was the loop hole that Moffat kept to bring them back for later). anyway, all that to say that I really really really hope that it was some sort of a hint that we’ll see Amy and Rory again.

Something else that caught my attention, River was talking to the Doctor about his sudden vanishing in nearly every database in the universe. What if that was Oswin? she cleared the minds of the Daleks, what’s to stop there and not say that she did it to the whole universe, making the question even bigger for the 50th anniversary special. Doctor who?

Also, Christmas wasn’t mentioned in this episode like it has been in the past. maybe it’s because Moffat knew it would be on our minds, we’re all waiting the next episode a whole dreadful two months away!

Overall, the episode was amazing! I have loved watching the Ponds grow up, change and become such amazing characters! Just look at how they have changed! from a (to be polite) shallow girl to the heroic Amy, and from the wimpy limp-wristed boy to the selfless centurion. I think they have changed the most out of all the companions Doctor Who has had from 2005 to now. I’m going to miss them both dearly!  I really don’t even know what to say to even come close to what I’m feeling about the whole thing. I’m going to miss them but I’m not going to let their loss make me become at all bias against the new companion coming along. I’m really looking forward to Christmas, because then we get an answer to how in the world Oswin becomes the Doctor’s traveling buddy. but in the mean time, we have plenty of time to cry over the Ponds.


Goodbye Ponds.


Asylum of the Daleks

Hello there!

first of all, sorry, i didn’t get this out very quickly, i was gone with some family and wasn’t actually able to watch the episode until last night, but my goodness was it a good one!

so much to say! well, well, well, the episode was absolutely brilliant! my mind feels like it’s slowly burning away in madness, maybe this is how Donna would’ve felt if she remembered the Doctor… anywho.

i feel like it’s very important to mention the condition of Amy and Rory’s relationship before anything else, my goodness, i was heart broken at the beginning of the episode, divorce papers, and well lets just say i was dying inside from that whole beginning, even from the minisode when Rory stormed out of the house, i was in panic! “what’s wrong with them!”. as the ep. went on i was really worried, and i felt kinda like the Doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with them, because really, i love Rory too much, to see him heart broken for too long just kills me.

after Amy lost her bracelet and went under reconstruction i had a horrible pit in my stomach that Moffat would have killed her, but thankfully it was all under control. i can’t even begin to express my happiness when the two made up! so sweet! when the Doctor showed back up to see the two of them together i was half expecting him to throw out the usual, “how do you two breathe?” line. i’m super excited to see how the two of them get along in the rest of the series!

Now that i have vented my happy thoughts about things that are mostly resolved, let’s venture to the insane part of the story.


So if any of you have been even slightly keeping tabs on Doctor Who in the off season, you’ve noticed the new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, now how on earth (even though it’s not) is she in the situation she’s in?  being a Dalek, or so it seems.

i have a few different ideas on the answer to this. they say she’s a dalek, BUT daleks don’t have emotions like the Oswin-dalek showed… i don’t think she’s a dalek at all, or if she is, she’s still being changed, slowly emotions are being pulled out of her, to make room for hate (or maybe she’s in the asylum because they can’t pull all of the emotions out of her…). i don’t actually have a specific answer to what she is, but i have some ideas. lets see, first one.

Firstly, did any of you notice that her crashed ship looked like the inside of a dalek’s head? the eye hole, the dome. so maybe she’s a miniature person in a machine much like the one that saved the Doctor from actually dying, it’s far fetched, and probably not what’s going on, but it could be possible…

Secondly,she may not be a dalek in shape, but maybe they attached her to some sort of bonkers brain thing that sends her consciousness into the body of a dalek, (kinda like the movie Avatar) maybe she’s in a coma sort of thing hidden on the planet or even on another planet simply controlling the dalek.

and thirdly, my final idea is that she could be the security system for the asylum. she can hack into the very complicated and difficult dalek equipment, she uses all the system like it’s nothing, erasing information about the Doctor from all the dalek’s memory might even dare to show that she’s an even bigger security system/ computer for all the daleks.

they’re all pretty rough ideas, but all somewhat possible. she may even be a shipwrecked person who was actually a genius that the tried to turn into a dalek, and since the daleks have no need for other emotions other than hate, maybe the scavenging security system snagged the rest of Oswin’s consciousness and tried using it to make the system better, but Oswin overpowered it and unknowingly, became the new system.

another note. the daleks were sacred of her, which might not mean she’s a dalek at all, they feared her, they said that something not dalek was in there. i think there’s a pretty big possibility that she’s still alive and quite human, (cause i don’t think that the Doctor is going to have a dalek as his companion for the season.)

also, last i heard daleks don’t really seem to be the type to like classical music (especially if the Doctor was in it, even if it was just the triangle).

i’m very excited to see what happens with this situation, Moffat is absolutely brilliant! i know that eventually it will all get resolved, but who says that we can’t guess and drive ourselves insane with ideas of what in the universe is going on. 🙂 please feel free to say any ideas you have or any thoughts about mine, comment and even share if you like.  cheers!