Little Crafty Me. (Just something about Doctor Who that isn’t about the parting of Matt Smith)

I like to call myself a rather crafty individual. Most of the things I make have to deal with some fandom or another. So I decided to post a few Whovian things I’ve done. 🙂 Don’t really know why other than I’m bored, I have a webcam and I’m at home with nothing else to do (actually I could be doing a lot of things right now, I just don’t want to.)

Say hello to Mr. Dalek, he’s a friendly fellow, he invaded my house at Christmas time. No I didn’t make him, but the thing behind him is a half finished project for a Sherlockian craft I’m working on at the moment.


This little girly isn’t finished either… (gosh I need to get something done around here!) but she’s a TARDIS box that is currently containing very random objects inside of it…

and the other thing in the picture is my too tall fez. but still my fez, after all fezzes are cool. 🙂


A TARDIS I can have close to my heart

But speaking of the TARDIS (this one is complete) I made a little necklace myself. Love it so much! a very good conversation starter.

Nikon #1 722

A Time Lord even needs to know what time it right? well it’s Baker Troughton’o’clock

Nikon #1 731 Nikon #1 728

Oh and I made a few books marks.

and a few snowflakes….

Nikon #1 763 Nikon #1 764 Nikon #1 765 Nikon #1 766 Nikon #1 767 Nikon #1 768 Nikon #1 769 Nikon #1 771 Nikon #1 770

And Christmas was a very nerdy one this year. The first is Pond themed, then Adipose, Dalek, Ood, Eleven, Angels (my fav!), The Silence, Rose (Doomsday, yes I went there) and the TARDIS.

Yeah…. that’s all. I love making things! I can’t help myself!

The Power of Three


must I say, I absolutely loved this episode, it was grand! so fantastic! I’ve been looking forward to this episode since I heard about it. it didn’t disappoint either, there’s a lot to think about after watching this episode.

but before I start talking about this episode specifically, I want to mention two things, Christmas and flickering lights.
they’ve been in every episode! oh Moffat, what have you got in store for us hopeless Whovians? since this is my blog, I want to share what I think they mean, or at least my young speculations.

Christmas: something important is gonna happen in the Christmas special, at least the new companion, maybe an answer to her mind-boggling first appearance, but maybe there will be more.  I’m guessing something about the Silence. Just think, we haven’t heard anything about the Silence for the whole season so far, but who says they aren’t around anyway? it’s not like we’d remember. which brings me to flickering lights.

Flickering lights: everyone else has been saying stuff about the weeping angels, which is a good idea, but what about the Silence. Season 6 was all about trying to kill the Doctor before the day that the question could be asked. “Silence will fall when the question is asked” they tried killing him once, what’s to stop them from trying again and again?  If you recall, when the Silence kill something they have their nasty electric finger trick, all the lights around them start to flicker and spurt, maybe the lights aren’t going out just because of the angels, but because of the Silence. Who’s to say that the Silence hasn’t been there since the start, and now that humanity has slowly been killing them off, the might not be able to really make a grand plan so they’re all trying to save themselves, and kill the Doctor when they see him…

Anywho, back to the episode.

Dear, dear Amy and Rory, I love them, and I’m gonna hate to see them leave the show. this was a very good prequel to their last episode, getting you to think more about their leaving.– OH the feels when the Doctor and Amy were sitting outside the underground base, I wanted to cry! I usually don’t cry for any TV show, so that’s a big deal. but the feels!– I really enjoyed seeing their normal life, seeing them as average people in the slow path of life. I’m very happy they had Rory’s dad, Brian, back in again. 🙂 he’s so fantastic! I just hope he isn’t the death of the Doctor like Winston was. 😉 “Diligence is my middle name.”  he’s a very good addition to the “gang”.

Blocks. Blocks. Blocks. very interesting. I don’t think that that’s the last of them though. they were never cleaned up and disposed of, only one ship was destroyed, who’s to say there aren’t six more ships out there controlling the cubes, and I’m almost positive that we’ll be seeing more of the Shakri; they were introduced with too much depth just to be a five minute of fame monster, not to mention he was only a hologram sort of thing. there has to be more.
Some other reasons I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the Shakri race are those cube faced people. they were never explained, why were they taking people away? what were they doing with the people they had taken. they didn’t need them to figure out how a human ticks so they can stop it. that was what the cubes were for… there’s something more to that. there’s gonna be more to these creatures. I’m almost positive.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode, one of my favorites yet, I’m putting it up with Asylum of the Daleks, just for the mind twisting, feels tugging-ness of it, and just all around the giant amount of questions it poses and curiosity it makes. 🙂

Next week, I feel like I’m gonna need a box of tissues for the final episode of Amy and Rory Pond.