Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Hello my fellow Whovians!

There’s no need to explain why I’m FINALLY blogging today. It’s a momentous occasion for the Whoniverse and all in it. 🙂


*yay*  (to put it lightly since it would be nearly impossible to express how excited I really am about it.)

Today is the day to don our fezzes, light up our sonic screwdrivers, adjust our bowties, tie our converse on and eat fishcustard– with a banana of course (what’s a party without  a banana? that’s right! not a party at all!)

Even though this is the day the fandom is exploding like Van Gogh once predicted, I shall not be entirely joining you all on this shindig.  (which makes me really sad).

Why? might you ask am I not joining with the festivities?

Well, I bought a ticket to go see it in theaters on the 25th, and I’m not going to let myself get a single drip or drop of a spoiler. Meaning that I won’t be talking about it with the rest of you when it happens and I’ll be in a lag sort of stage when I finally get to say my own thoughts about the whole thing.

But I’m still really excited and I find it really difficult remain sane over the next couple of days.

On the up side though, I’m going to go see it with my brother who I don’t get to see very often, and really, the only other avid Whovian in the family! we get to fangirl/boy together! YAY!

So, I shall bit you all farewell until the 25th when I will come in screaming with “ASDFGHJKL;”  and “I CAN’T”s whilst dancing in circles.

Farewell my friends!

I’m sorry I can’t join you on this epic thing. (it makes me sad, really) just promise not to have figured everything out by Monday and be done with the excitment. Ok? ok!
Until then, goodbye!




My American First World Problem

Hello Whovians!

I have some wonderful and horrible news to vent.

As a few of us know, well, those of us who love music, the Doctor Who Series 7 Soundtrack was released on iTunes. Well, that’s what they said….

No, really it was released yesterday for some, like you wonderful UK dwellers, but for the rest of us, the Americans, we have to wait until November 5th!


You would think I could handle this just fine, right? After all, I’ve been waiting for the 50th for forever, and we’ve been on hiatus for far too long, sure I can wait for something else, right?


This was finally something I could have right now! an instant gratification –actually, not really, because I’ve been waiting for this for forever too. I have been fooled! Everything said it was going to be released on the 9th of September, so I was waiting for it, but what to I find? I have to wait two more months!

*cries* I can’t do this anymore! how on earth am I still in this fandom?
Because I love it, and once you enter a fandom, there’s no escaping it.


Thank you for listening to my troubles…. I just really needed to get that off my chest. *cries*

I’ll be ok… I think. I have YouTube. the music is already posted on there, so I can enjoy that I suppose.



Daily Dose of Feels.

Remember how the Tenth Doctor’s catch phrase was “Allons-y” which meant “let’s go” in French?
Do you remember his last words? “I don’t want to go.” 

Now, do you remember Eleven’s catch phrase “Geronimo”? Ya know, the battle cry of fearlessness to jump into every situation and take it by the horns?
Do you also remember what Moffat said would happen in Eleven’s last episode? He said that he would be scared of regenerating and changing.

He’s going to be scared.

I’ll just let you think about that.