Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Hello again!
might i say, this episode was brilliant! although it wasn’t mind twisting and maddening i loved it! i don’t have as much to say about this episode as i did with The Asylum of the Daleks, but i might have actually enjoyed this one more. 🙂 i mean really, it’s pretty hard to top, the “gang” made up of Queen Nefertiti, the Ponds and Rory’s father, and Riddel/Lestrade, as i will call him for my love of Sherlock. it was really fun seeing Rupert Graves in such a different role that what he has in Sherlock, he was so great! he was so rude in one spot, then the next thing you know he’s being a fantastic flirt. 🙂 loved it!

i loved watching Brian Williams, Rory’s father, grow up during the show, i could see a lot of Rory in him, very much his dad. 🙂 he was so cute! who carries a trowel in their pocket? and golf balls? really? which brings me to Tricey.

dear, dear, Tricey, oh that triceratop. never thought i’d call a dinosaur cute, but it was!

“How do you start a triceratop?”

the dinosaurs were really fun, although i thought they would be more included in the story –i don’t know how– they seemed to be just background decorations, but still quite fun to see. 🙂 when Tricey died, i thought the Doctor would have done more to try to save it, but he didn’t, but really what could he do?

oh and one more thing, if Queen Nefertit stayed with the big game hunter, wouldn’t that cause something bad to happen to time of something else wibbly-wobbly? just a thought.

actually, i just remembered that there is something that caught my attention in this episode that i think would be a good thing to hold onto for later. because even though this seemed like a filler episode, not Doctor Who episode is really just a filler, there’s always something that connects it to the rest of the story. i have a feeling that this wasn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Queen Nefertiti and Riddel, they might join the “gang” later in the story. but back to the what caught my attention, remember when Amy was watching the data log for the ship, and the Silurian was talking about all of the species thriving, except one wasn’t doing so well… we didn’t hear much after that simply because missing Silurians were more important at the time than a dying species. but what if later that is something important… i’ve learned that nothing in Doctor Who is just in there as a filler with no purpose– especially when Moffat is involved. just a little something to keep in mind, who knows it might not even really have that much influence, it just might be  something like the bees going missing in the fourth series. one never knows with Doctor Who, which is a good reason to keep it in mind.

thanks for reading!