Clara Oswin Oswald and Professor River Song

Hello! It’s been a very sad week this week knowing that there won’t be another episode until November. *sob*

But cry no more, for I have a little post that can entertain you for a tiny bit of the long time we all have for the rest of our answers which will only be half fulfilled with more questions thrown on top. (oh the joy.)

This is something I thought about after watching The Name of the Doctor, I was thinking about Clara and River, I began to realize they have a lot in common, enough things in common that I wrote them down and decided to write them down again for all of you!
beware the feels though, I had a few when I was writing them down.

The similarities between The Impossible Girl and the Impossible Astronaut…

  • They both have sacrificed themselves out of love for the sake of the Doctor, and almost dying in the process just to be saved by the Doctor in the very end, if anything just “for the hell of it”.
  • Both show up in the Doctor’s life completely out of order, scattered, making them complete mysteries to him.
  • They both love the Doctor, and the same love is returned (in the form of flailing first kisses).
  • River and Clara save the Doctor countless times, over and over again.
  • The flirting never stops.
  • Neither does the extreme cleverness,
  • or the witty humor and constant nicknaming.
  • Neither of them really know who they are without the Doctor. They wouldn’t be the same without him.
  • The only constants in both River’s and Clara’s lives (other than the Doctor) is their parents and the love they have for them.

I thought these were interesting things. I got stabbed in the feels though when I thought that the only stable things they’ve had is their parents, but even then, that was rough. The poor women. I love them both so much!

I hope you found these interesting, I know I did.



The Name of the Doctor

Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start!

How about we start in Gallifrey and go to Trenzalore?

First of all, I love, love, loved the story! ohmygosh! who didn’t? Clara Oswin Oswald, the Impossible girl, saving the Doctor time and time again. (we even got to see a bit of dear old Gallifrey!)

In this blog I want to talk mostly about the characters, about Clara, River and the Doctor, as I go through the episode, (just to keep myself sane.)
So, let’s get started.

We got to see Gallifrey! Loved it!
The flashes of history showing Clara saving the Doctor throughout his life was amazing! Very well done, the cutting and effects and skill, my goodness! *Round of applause*
Clara is the ultimate companion, saving the Doctor countless times, as all the companions have, but she did it for all of them!

Now in London, 1893.
Just as I had hoped, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax are with us again for the finale! I really liked the conference call stuff. Although, I must admit that when Strax and Jenny started talking about the one with the big head/ hair, I thought they were talking about the Doctor, after all, he’s got quite the head of hair, but I was pleasantly surprised and wonderfully wrong.
Professor River Song is back! 
She’s back with all of her “disgracefully” flirty self.
She’s the River we haven’t seen since the very beginning though, I thought that was really special, this was the current River Song, not the one with the backwards life filled with spoilers and crisscrossing timelines. She was the one after the Silence in the library, the current River Song. nothing wibbly-wobbly about her, an odd change, but very good for the resolution.

I absolutely loved Clara and River’s meeting each other for the first time! Oh my goodness, I had been thinking about how on earth they were going to introduce them, and they did it marvelously! The tension, the awkward silence, but it wasn’t overdone, it was like a perfect cup of strong tea, shocking, but not overpoweringly bitter. Just enough to get the point across, but not overdoing it.
I’m very glad that River and Clara were able to meet and not the competitive over the Doctor.

Later on in the call, need I say anything about Jenny? I think we all died a little with her when she was murdered. Let’s not dwell on that.

Now Clara is with the Doctor, she tells him about Trenzalore, about his grave. The Doctor cried! Oh how badly I wanted to make him feel better! He never cries–  he shouldn’t ever cry. But still because of his friends, they go to Trenzalore, the place he should never go, he goes because he owes them, they gave him so much, and loved him through it all, it really is the least he can do.
But the TARDIS has other thoughts. She doesn’t want to go there, she loves the Doctor too much, she wants to take care of him, and I think not only was there the fact that she wanted to keep him safe, but she probably knew that that was her grave as well. She didn’t want to see herself dying. The TARDIS has always taken care of him, and going to Trenzalore in the worst place ever for the two of them.
Also, I’ve got a dreadful feeling that there really isn’t much time between now and when they die at Trenzalore. Look at the TARDIS window. When they fell down onto the planet it cracked the window on the front door, the old dying TARDIS had the same crack in her window. It never got fixed, and the Doctor wouldn’t let that be broken for long, and the only way the TARDIS could fix it herself is if she regenerated, but since the crack was still there in the dead TARDIS, she wasn’t able to fix it, there wasn’t enough time.
And, another sad thought tat includes the TARDIS, the Doctor told Clara that the bigger the gravestone the higher the rank. There were some big gravestones, but none bigger than the Doctor’s. He turns people into soldiers, and he himself is one– one of high rank and power.

Now to River’s grave stone, I absolutely loved this part! It was sad, but clever. The conversation between River and the Doctor through Clara was wonderful. But as I watched it again to I realized that the Doctor can always hear River, he can always see her, that means that he could hear her talking to Clara then. (my feels can’t handle this!)
Another moment that I realized that he could really see her the whole time was when they were in the catacombs. River was standing in the tunnel talking to Clara, then the Whisperman passed through her, it scared the Doctor. Now why would that scare the Doctor unless he didn’t see it coming down the tunnel because he can see River as well as Clara could?

Past the catacombs, into the enormous TARDIS, memories come flooding back to Clara. That was another favorite moment of mine. Sad, but good. I’m glad she remembered everything from then. But it makes me think, she knew the Doctor’s name now, and she didn’t say it when the Great Intelligence wanted the Doctor to open the door, she loves him, I would say.

I must say, the Doctor has a beautiful grave. It’s sort of like a big ball of wibby-wobbly timey-wimey stuff wouldn’t you say?
Every time the voices of the Doctor start echoing through the air I get stabbed in the heart with so many emotions! truly beautiful. (It’s kind of strange, but Nine’s voice makes me the most emotional, maybe because he was the most sad of the three that I watched and loved, he had the most pain of the Time War on his shoulders at the time, while the other two had gotten better at putting it away, Nine was still grieving the most. It makes me want to cry.)

Then the Wretched Great Intelligence had to come in and kill everything (quite literally).
I’m glad he’s dead now. That’s all I have to say about him. *grumble grumble*

But then Clara came in. Oh Clara! Souffle Girl.

But before I get all into Clara, like crazy feels, let me just say…
When the GI went into the Doctor’s timeline, the light turned red! Now call me crazy, but this has been my obsession this whole season ins Clara and the color red, they’re always together, whether it be her clothes or the lights around her, and now I think I know why! I think the reason things around her are always red is because as all of her echoes goes through his timeline, she is stopping the GI, taking out the red, pulling it out of his life. She’s covered in it because she’s getting rid of it. The red lights might be more like flashes of his timeline being cleaned and turning white again because of Clara!
And, also, she isn’t wearing red in this episode, because she is entirely herself, not an echo.
I don’t know if any of this is legit or not, but I would like to think that it is. 🙂 I can’t be a coincidence for red to show up so often in this series, especially with the same character. Just say’n…

OK, back to Clara minus the red obsession.
Oh Clara, the love she has for the Doctor is so special, but really what else could she have done? It was either that or let the whole world fall apart and let everyone die.

“Run you clever boy, and remember me.”

Do you notice anything different about this? This is the real phrase, the real Clara said this one, the complete sentence, “Run you clever boy and remember me.” all of her echoes only say “Run you clever boy and remember.” The echoes are her, but they aren’t entirely her, they’re fragments and pieces of her through all of space and time, just like the sentence, they’re almost her, but not quite.

Then, a fun note, or more like a cool note, did anyone else see the Tenth Doctor at the Library in the flashes through the Doctor’s timeline? (I nearly screamed at the screen in happiness!!) and she was wearing the Asylum of the Daleks dress, ya know, the super cure red one? yeah, she was wearing that, which made me think that maybe each echo saved the Doctor more than once. What if she saved the Doctor at the Library, and then she went and joined Alaska afterwards and eventually saved his again. Or maybe she really didn’t die in the Asylum and she really wasn’t the dalek still. (I really don’t want her to be a dalek! *sob* so sad).

But enough about Clara for now, we have a marriage to discuss.

River and the Doctor.
I don’t even know how to start. Well, I cried. I cried a lot.
I wanted River to stay forever.
The resolution was wonderful, the emotions were overwhelming.

“I don’t know how to say it.”

“Say it like you’re going to come back.”

“Well then, see you around.”

“Till the next time.”

“Don’t wait up.”

“Goodbye, Sweetie.”

The very thought that he always saw her and he never spoke to her breaks my heart! But things were finished, and they finally have said goodbye.
But still, deep down I hope that she’ll still be around, after all the way she’s talked about him before, she’s mentioned seeing lots of his faces, meaning she might come up once in a while with the newer regenerations. I really hope she does, but she probably won’t. Moffat did a wonderful job finishing up her character and letting her go. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to cope without River Song.

The the Doctor comes through and goes back and saves Clara, well he’s in the process of saving her at the moment, when they meet the “John Hurt Doctor”.
May I just say that I’m super excited and quite curious about this new “Doctor” the one who broke the word of his name.
“He is my secret.”
BUT, really did they have to have the whole dramatic turn and stare, the *BAM!* “Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor” *killed every emotion and attachment to the story in less than two seconds.* Really? really? you had to do that? You killed it! murderer.
but I’m still excited about his character, I’ve got a hunch that he’s the version of the Doctor that fought in the Time War, the one that destroyed Gallifrey. Cause, to me that sounds an awful lot like breaking the word of his name “The Doctor” a doctor heals and saves people, he doesn’t commit genocide on his own race. This John Hurt Doctor is trouble.

“What I did, I did with no choice. In the name of  peace and sanity.”

Sounds like a good reply for defending one’s self against killing his home planet…

Over all, I loved this episode, the only thing I have to complain about is the whole *kill the moment* at the very end, but everything else was wonderful, I don’t think it’s possible to really express everything that is going through my head about this episode!
So, while I gather some thoughts and sanity, I would love to hear what you all think about it.

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure through Series 7 of Doctor Who! I’m honored to know that all of you wanted to read what I had to say. Thank you! I love you all so much! You really have no idea how fun this has been for me and how much is makes my day when you all come and check it out!
I look forward to having you all with me again when the next series starts up! Thank you!

Love, Anna.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Hello! here I am again, late as usual. I’m sorry it takes me so long to get around to writing reviews, but life doesn’t always go as planned. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

But you aren’t here to see me apologize, you want to read something at least a little more interesting… 😉

“The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”

I actually took the time to write some coherent notes that i’m not guessing what in the world I wrote.

I loved the beginning,

“You’re like one of those guys who can’t go out with a girl unless his mother approves.”

All of the bickering about the TARDIS, I wonder how long it will be until the TARDIS and Clara get along? or will they ever get along?

I thought it was kind of  fun that there was talk about buttons.

“Please, tell me there’s a button you can press to fix this!”
“Oh yes. Big friendly button!”

when five years ago the button mentioned wasn’t quite to friendly,

 “And how am I going to react when I see this? A great big threatening button. A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances, am I right?”
(From the Christmas Invasion)

Times have changed haven’t they?

but sadly since the Doctor didn’t find the big friendly button the first time around in the wibbly-wobbly circle of time that this episode was, the TARDIS was caught and thrown into a trash heap. I must say, I was not happy about this, the TARDIS should never be thrown into a scrap heap and be beat on as selfish people try to break  into it. I wanted to say a few things to them, the inconsiderates! That ship is far more amazing than they would ever understand and it should never be treated so brutally.
But that’s how the story went.

The Doctor is very clever, I like him!  🙂 his way of sort of advertising the brothers to help him find Clara was fun to watch. She really is the “salvage of a lifetime”, even if at least to him, “You are the only mystery worth solving.” .
And I hope that I wasn’t the only one that thought of  The Empty Child when the Doctor saw the respirators, “Are you my mummy?” yes, the joke is worn out, been patched up and worn out again, but it’s one of the best episodes in the early days of “New Who”.


In the TARDIS with Clara

Once again Clara is wearing red. Either there’s something important about the color red and Clara, or the costume designer is going on a red craze, I don’t know, but I find it curious so I will keep mentioning it whether you like it or not. there.
She was wearing red once again, for the millionth time, okay, maybe the sixth or seventh time… but even then, when she’s not wearing it there are red lights around her! In Cold War there were red lights, and in this episode there were both red lights and a red dress.

When she stood in front of the door with the flashing light it reminded me of The Snowmen when she was dying, there was a light flashing at the same speed then as well as now.  Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Back with the Doctor and company

I thought that the Doctor seemed very much like a pirate when finally got the others into the ship, “My ship, my rules!”
“Don’t get in a spaceship with a mad man, didn’t anyone teach you that?” Rule #1: The Doctor lies. I don’t think the ship is his at all, or else he would have been able to control her better, he is hers. She throws the huffy parties and makes it impossible for everyone to get around. It’s herself and her rules.
and for getting in a space ship with a mad man,well isn’t that the whole show? Although it sounds to me like he’s beginning to regret bringing so many people in the ship with him, no one ever leaves the same, they get lost,  they leave as a soldier, they forget him, they die. He has changed so many lives, I’m sure he regrets it over and over again, but never enough to stop. He’s a lonely monster.


Back to Clara

 Clara went into a room filled with old things, stuff from his past, things the Doctor never forgets, he brings all his baggage with him, everywhere he goes in his infinite ship, his home.
I loved seeing his baby cradle! But then when Clare picked up the paper TARDIS I was hit with feels, the Doctor wouldn’t make a little TARDIS, but Amy Pond would. He doesn’t leave anything behind, and with all of the things that he keeps are stories that follow him, haunting him. the poor fellow.

But to bring this to a happier note and out of feely-weely land of stupid poeticness,we FINALLY got to see the swimming pool!  and it looked like he snagged the telescope that was in the Torchwood house back in Tooth and Claw, even the Doctor likes star gazing.
I wished I could go to that library and read everything! oh my goodness! the “bottle books” as I have started calling them– they are genius, something a Time Lord would make. Makes you wonder, if while the words pour out of the bottle, if they give a smell that matches what the words are describing. so, say one of the Gallifrey Encyclopedias begins to describe the red grass and silver trees on Gallifrey if suddenly the air around you would start to smell like it would have if you were actually there in a field of red grass standing beneath an enormous silver tree. I wonder if the Doctor would go and listen to the words and close his eyes and go back home for just a little while… *sigh*

Then there’s the big deal in the library, inside of  “The History of the Time War” is the Doctor’s name.
It’s surprising that a name that must be kept such a secret is simply sitting inside of a book in the TARDIS that anyone can read…
I thought Clara’s reaction to finding his name was interesting, she wasn’t scared, and it didn’t seem to be a very big name, after all she read it pretty quickly, and to her I suppose it wasn’t that big of a deal, since she didn’t even mention it to the Doctor until a long time later. His name must not be that scary, what’s so secretive about it? it didn’t hurt Clara any to know what it was.


Onto monsters!

So the crispy monsters were interesting, yes? I thought so. At first I thought they were some sort of mummy… but as it went on I actually guessed right! I was like, “hmm, I wonder if that’s Clara…”.
Although, I do have some questions about the monsters and the tear in time making things from their past come to life again and then things from the future. If the people from the past weren’t real, then how were the monsters real and able to see and chase down everyone? In my brain it doesn’t make sense. The past people were only echoes, yes, you can’t touch them, that makes sense, but if they were all echoes, there were just echoes of the into the future as well, the burned monsters, how could they notice everyone? they weren’t real.
Also, wouldn’t it make a paradox if the monsters from the future attacked themselves from their past? If they killed them before they were burned then they would never exist, therefore making the monsters never exist and well, round and round it would go.
can someone explain this to me? what are your thoughts on the monsters and this whole thing?


Just a little more about Clara

In the very end I had a thought (surprise!). When the brother was explaining to his other brother who thought he was an android that he was human he mentioned that he got in a salvage accident, and there was a big explosion making him lose his memory and all that jazz. I thought of Clara. Clara was in an ENORMOUS explosion in Asylum of the Daleks, maybe she just forgot her memory?  she could be an echo that forgot all about herself…? I don’t know.. I just thought there might be a connection. but maybe there isn’t. I’m a bit crazy sometimes.  Because, she’s “just Clara”, but have a “just Clara”, would that mean that there are “special” Claras as well? maybe “echo” Claras?


Well with that strange theory, I will bid you all goodnight! I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a fun one to write! I would love to hear your thoughts about it and maybe what you liked or didn’t like about it.




The Bells of St. John

Hello! Happy Easter to all!

Let me just tell you, I am so glad to have Doctor Who back! I’ve missed it ever so much!

I really enjoyed The Bells of St John, it was a nice start for the show again. It wasn’t as spectacular, in my opinion as some other episodes, but it was like an introduction for the rest of the series, “Here’s Clara. Here is how the two get along. Here is a potential big bad guy! Have fun!”
After watching it I was a little bummed, maybe because I watched too many of the small clips before the episode came out or because really, not that much happened. But after the episode I started thinking about it, and that’s when the I started getting really excited! It was like a small meal that’s really not that filling at first, but afterwards, you sit down and do something else and you start to get really really full as time goes on. that’s what happened to me. so let me begin to tell you what I saw and thought about for this episode.

To start things off, hmm, starting is always so awkward for me… so I’m jumping in! Geronimo!

I’m going to start in the year 1207 (since I didn’t really see anything to point out for the very beginning, although it was quite creepy).
“The bells of St. John are ringing.” I liked the little code message for the TARDIS, but why would the Doctor has set up a code with the monks about the phone ringing when he knew that the phone never rang? maybe the poor monk who heard the phone ringing didn’t know what else to call it or the code was simply a panic phrase for if anything with the TARDIS went wrong.
When the Doctor heard the phone ringing he said that is never happens, which is true, because the only other time was in The Empty Child, and that was seven years ago, and even more for him.
Interesting that Clara would be on the other end of the phone, other than for the convenience of the show, how could Clara call him? maybe the TARDIS pulled it out from the time vortex since she would have known that the Doctor was looking for Clara. Or was it fate? in the same way that Wilf was always able to contact the tenth Doctor, will Clara be the eleventh Doctor’s bane like Wilf was to Ten?

Anyway, enough sounding like a soap opera. let’s look at Clara a little more, shall we? or at least the connections between her and the other episodes. We have (with the abbreviations I will give them for faster reference, The Asylum of the Daleks (AD), The Snowmen (TS) and The Bells of St. John (SJ).

The one thing in common with all of them is the line, “Run you clever boy, and remember.”  the color red, Clara always wears red, and of course Clara herself, but her names aren’t always the same.
I think the names are interesting, Clara and Oswin
The name Oswin seems to be connected to the computer techie bit about her. she called herself Oswin in AD and she made up the name while she was figuring out the location of the wi-fi signal.
Oswin = technology, computers, hacking.
While Clara is the name she used in TS and in SJ, just a good old fashioned name, but also in both of those episodes she is a nanny.
Clara = nanny.
I don’t think Oswald has any special things about it. yet….

Nina was also mentioned again. I wonder if we’ll ever meet this Nina….
and speaking of friends, did anyone else think that Angie looked a lot like Melody Pond before she regenerated into the Alex Kingston version? maybe there’s something there.
The book! It’s all over the internet, the book that was mentioned, “Summer Falls” written by Amelia Pond, “Chapter eleven is the best, I cried my eyes out.” hmm reference to Angels Take Manhattan? I think so.

The phrase “run you clever boy and remember” almost seems to be following her around now. she wasn’t talking to the Doctor when she said it this last time. hmm. I’ll let that thought simmer for a few episodes.

Computer packages and splicing!
Did anyone else find it interesting that in order for Clara to be uploaded into the cloud she had to be computer savvy (hence where her cleverness came from for AD)? Why would the human mind have to be spliced and improved if the client/Great Intelligence was just going to consume them? There’s something bigger going on with that. But hey, good thing the needed Clara to be smarter or things might have been different for AD, in fact, AD might not have happened at all, since the classical music/Oswin was what the daleks wanted to stop, and if there was no problem for the Doctor to solve, the Ponds would have never been brought back together and then they would have been miserable for the rest of their lives. So all thanks to Clara’s spliced computer savvy skills, the Ponds were able to live happily ever after to the end of their days. (*Sniffle* stop talking about the Ponds, Anna, you went too far. change the subject)

But speaking of the Ponds and changing, the Doctor is doing rather well adjusting to life and moving on. Although it was really rather sad when he dropped the tweed jacket and went for the purple one instead, as well as wearing the fez for only a few moments and eventually getting rid of it. He’s moving on and it’s sad to watch, but it’s good for him. But he still wears Amy’s reading glasses.

But moving on. The client. GI! Great Intelligence! I thought he was going to be gone for good after TS, but I guess I was wrong. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a long lasting bad guy…
I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with him. How did he survive so long? all the way from the Victorian era to current day. It seems like GI figured out how to control people more… but we’ll see how that goes along. I’m quite curious. and the Doctor doesn’t even know that GI is even existent any more!

Now skipping to the point where your father was violently killed (sorry wrong show *ahem*) when Clara was asleep and the Doctor was looking at the 101 Places to See book.
The Doctor starts setting up the flowers and the jammy dodgers for Clara (cutest thing ever!) he looks at the old book, and there in the first few pages is a leaf. and of course the Doctor being the Doctor he smells it and licks it, his face seems to say that the leaf is not in its original habitat, not just that it is inside of a house, but from a different planet.


Look at what Clara is holding her hand, to me it looks a bit like a leaf… I’m not sure, but that’s the first thing I thought of. So if Clara has a leaf in her book that she doesn’t get until an adventure that happens in the future would that mean that the book is always constant? Like if she was only 7 and she looked at the book it might have all the things that it has in it now? I’m not sure, but something is funny with that leaf. The Doctor questioned it later in the show as well, she didn’t seem to know anything about it, thinking he was only talking about a page in the book, not an actual leaf…
I’m beginning to wonder if Clara is some sort of scar in the universe. After the universe was restarted with the crack and all that fun stuff in season 6 maybe things didn’t get fixed all the way, maybe Clara is a scar, explaining why she shows up in different times and places all over the universe.

Now for the last few things I have to say before you become completely bored of my rambling on.

The Doctor’s age. wasn’t he 2,000 years old the last time we saw him? but in this episode he was only 1,000. something’s a bit fishy there…

I love how the Doctor is so smitten with Clara, it’s the cutest thing to see Smith fumbling around even more because of a girl who calls his TARIDS  a “snogging booth”. 🙂 I cannot wait to watch that relationship grow and mature.
I also noticed a lot of similarities between Eleven and Clara and Ten and Rose.
They’re both smitten for each other,
they have both been on a motorbike together (or at least a moped)
they have also both dealt with a strange alien that wants to feed on human minds. (“feed me!”)
and UNIT.
There was also a small hint of Doomsday music that played when the puppet woman of GI was downloaded into the cloud. (and it was in a tall building)

Now, I know what I’m going to say next might offend some of the Ten/Rose shippers, but I really hope that Clara can be a Rose for Eleven, he needs her, and well, that would just be perfect! ❤

With that final note, thank you for reading this rather lengthy blog, I hope I gave you some ideas to think about, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. please feel free to comment and ask questions, I will be happy to answer them!

The Snowmen

Hello to all and Merry Christmas!

oh my goodness! I have been looking forward to this special so much, I sure wasn’t disappointed about any of it.
it’s was mindblowingly amazing, and bogglingly entertaining, when it was all over I walked around the house laughing and clapping like  a retarded seal, this Doctor Who fix will last for a long time.

One thing that I have really been liking lately is how every time they show the credits in the beginning of the show it’s always different, this one was my favorite. I really liked how it was almost a bit of a throw back to the older ones with the face in the stars, and we flew through more than just the time vortex, it was all space and time, not just a tunnel of clouds and lightning. (which is wonderful as well)

but anyway, on the great stuff.

Clara Oswin Oswald.

need I say anymore?

all of my ideas are blown out of the water, *Moffat!* Clara isn’t a descendent of Oswin she IS Oswin!
I had some ideas after I had finished my latest blog about the leaving of the Ponds, I continued to think about how in the world Oswin was coming back as Clara (little did I know that she was the same person). I thought that maybe Clara, as we all know, would become the Doctor’s companion and she would go dancing through the galaxy with the charming bow tie wearing Timelord,  and then one day, she would leave, not willingly I guessed, and she would want to see the stars again so she would join up with Alaska and eventually crash on the asylum. there the daleks would find her and think that she is someone worth turning into a dalek, or at least into a computer system for the daleks, then during the  terrible process of turning her into one of them (*weep*) she might forget who she was except for her last name Oswald. so then as she changed, she would call her self Oswin Oswald because that was all she knew about herself.

but things don’t always turn out the way one might suspect, although I have some ideas that might make my previous hypothesis somewhat true, but that’s for later.

now just about Clara, I absolutely love her! she’s fantastic and already one of my favorites within only two episodes.
she’s so stubborn and spunky, no one can stop her from doing anything she wants, not even the Doctor (thankfully).

ah, the Doctor, my heart melted in sadness when he first showed up, he was so lonely and broken. but watching him change through the episode was so wonderful. my favorite scene of his becoming himself again was when he noticed his bow tie again. when Clara mentioned it being cool outside, and he looked at himself in the mirror as always, instantly he thought of his bow tie. that smile that spread across his face and the joy that sprang out of him again was one of the best parts of the show.

Another fantastic scene was the one of the Doctor’s pretending to be Sherlock Holmes. I died laughing!  it was absolutely perfect! especially being the Wholockian that I am, the nerdyness of that scene was wonderful. after all, for all of you who don’t know, and if you care, when Steven Moffat was first starting his show Sherlock and he was looking for someone to be Watson, guess who came to try out for the part? Matt Smith, now obviously he didn’t get it. but, correct me if I’m wrong, Moffat thought that he was too goofy for the part, so instead of casting him in Sherlock he offered him the part of the Doctor. so for us Wholockians seeing Matt Smith walking in dressed up as Sherlock Holmes with his death frisbe hat totally stumbling through being the legendary detective (well at least until before he started acting like himself again) was indescribably perfect. Moffat making fun of Moffat.

I must say that I nearly died when Clara’s one word answer was “Pond”. all the emotions were overwhelming. it was wonderful, yet heartbreaking.

and while we’re thinking about the Ponds, and of course Oswin, I’m not sure it was entirely a coincidence that Clara said “Pond” I mean yes, it was a good word to use because of the frozen pond, but at the same time the word pond doesn’t really show any bit of danger like the Madame Vastra wanted it to. I think she knew about the Ponds, or maybe she didn’t, it might have been something subconscious.

so, I have re-watched the episode now and taken notes on whatever I thought might be valuable, or simply funny. but I’ll spare you on some of them.
we’re getting into the part of the blog where I go on talking about my ideas and venting my questions to the internet.


Firstly, “Clara, it’s a nice name, you should definitely keep it.”
I wrote that down because I thought it was cute, but also because it seems like that is when the Doctor first starts to care about her.
Clara Oswin Oswald is what she goes by in this episode, but before she was only Oswin, what happened to the name Clara? why wasn’t that her name the first time we met her?

Second note, even though it seems like he started to care about her when the name was brought up, I think he really started to wonder and maybe even begin to connect the dots between Oswin and Clara when he asked, “Clara who?” and she replied, “Doctor Who?” I think that “Clara who” is going to be just as much of a mystery to us as the Doctor’s name is for a while. but I also think that the Doctor is starting to come up with his own ideas, he obviously knows something we don’t, since at the end, he was very excited and he ran off to go find her later. there’s something Moffat’s not telling us here….

Third note;
so, we all remember how every episode before in season 7 had something about flickering lights and Christmas? well this one is no different, I mean of course it’s going to mention Christmas, after all it is the Christmas special, but the lights flickered a lot in this one too. in the TARDIS, and at the house…. something is still going on with that…. I don’t think TARDIS lights should flicker….

Note four.
The TARDIS. why was the TARDIS different? I mean more than just that maybe a want for a new set for fun. why would the TARDIS change?  it only changes after it’s been hurt, such as exploding, or crashing… why would it change? did he try to find the Ponds and the temporal energy around NY caused some problems? or did the TARDIS just get tired of the desktop form she had for the time being?
(by the way, I really like the new look, I think it was a good idea, it gives Clara a new stage to set, with a new TARDIS she won’t be trying to follow after or replace the Ponds, she can be herself.) or perhaps after the Ponds left the Doctor didn’t want anything to remind him of them. he was hurt and the color seemed to fade away, so the TARDIS turning into something more boxy and dim seems to portray the Doctor’s feelings at the time.

now we’re getting into Clara stuff.
when Clara was in the TARDIS it seemed like it started to trigger something in her, she asked if there was a kitchen, because she liked making soufles, she didn’t know why, but she did. she also began to cry for no reason that she knew of at the moment. maybe it was the Oswin part of her, or perhaps it was something she missed, maybe she hadn’t gone on adventures with the Doctor yet, or maybe in her timeline she already had and she was missing them.
we know that crying for an unknown reason means that something important is missing in the person’s life. (like Amy crying at her wedding for the Doctor, or when she cried for Rory after he became non existent.)
something is missing.

Who is Clara Owsin Oswald? the soufle girl. Clara Who?

“Run you clever boy, and remember.”

the constant between the two people that are the same, or the one life in two parts, or two lives of the same person that keeps living over and over again.
she’s as confusing as River Song first was, my guess is as good as yours.
when she said those words before she died in this episode, it almost seemed like she had died before the words came out of her mouth, her eyes closed and she was quiet, then she woke up, spoke and faded away again.
she might be remembering her past being just Oswin, or maybe in her last efforts before she died she said it to give him a lead to go on to find her later.

her grave stone read, “remember me, for we shall meet again”
I’ve got a hunch that she has lived more lives than just the three that we have seen.

only time will tell. maybe.

feel free to comment and share your own ideas, I would love to hear them! this blog is my thinking place for Doctor Who, I hope it gets some ideas rolling around in your head.