Cold War

The Cold War at the North Pole in 1983. deep below the ocean monsters lurk, Russians do drills, and the Doctor appears expecting Las Vegas.

Ice Warriors oh my!

This was a very fun episode. It seemed pretty quick, but maybe that was because I was enjoying myself. 🙂

Favorite Moments:
When Clara began to ask questions about speaking Russian.
When the everyone was out on the top of the sub and the Doctor made that positively wonderful grumpy face after the Russian captain laughed about catching a ride down to the South Pole. absolutely wonderful. 🙂


I don’t really have that much to blog about it since I didn’t really notice a whole lot of secret things that might show up later and come in handy to know.

There was one that stands out in my mind though, “I’m hungry like the wolf.”
hungry like the wolf? bad wolf? Rose? 50th anniversary? I mean, we all know she’s coming, but could this be a hint? could Bad Wolf be spread over more of the universe than what we saw in the first season? because when you think about it, all the Doctors and all their companions are jumping around time and space at the same time. they all go everywhere and every time all the time. History is always changing. things are always moving. it could be quite possible for Bad Wolf to be floating around still. just a thought.


OK. honestly now, I don’t really have anything to say. The episode was quite simple and just fun. we were introduced to the Ice Warriors. yay! now what? will they show up later? from what the Doctor said, it seems to me that Grand Marshall Skal-what’s-his-name won’t be forgetting his escape anytime soon, meaning that they could easily come back later on in the show.

With that being said, I would love to hear you thoughts on the episode, what you liked, what you didn’t, what might have caught your attention… ya know. 🙂

Sorry I didn’t have any more to say. I would love to hear you feedback. 🙂