The Day of the Doctor

Hello my fellow dearest Whovians!

I come to you bringing an official blog post about an actual Doctor Who episode! (ha! that’s rare as of late)

So, I just finished watching the 50th with my mom. I don’t even know where to being on the amazingness of this whole special! it was brilliant, positively wonderful and was better than I had expected.

As usual, I took notes on the things I wanted to talk about,
but first off, how many of you went to go see it in 3D at the theater?  *waves hands around* I DID!
Wasn’t the beginning so cute! we had Strax and the Doctors being their cheeky selves. I loved it!

It all began at the school, we got to see the real Clara in her real life doing a normal thing, teaching. She was a teacher at the school where it all began 50 years ago, where Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, first went to school. Where two curious teachers followed her to the scrap shed and into the TARDIS beginning the first recorded adventure of the Doctor that we know about.
I thought that was a wonderful and beautiful nod to the very beginning.

“You got a call from your doctor.”
“Did he leave an address?”

Out with the gear and the Triumph (a pretty bike I must say) and into the TARDIS! *chills running down my spine for the transition through the doors*

Ok, I just really loved that scene alright?

Fast forward a bit, past the wonderful introduction to the Zygon infestation, and broken picture frames with missing people.

No, we’re going to stay a little bit there, the Brigadier’s daughter was back, which was brilliant and we got to see her daughter! AKA the personification of the Doctor Who Fandom.
The Gallifreyan picture was amazing in 3D! oh my gosh! how long is it going to take for us to figure out how to do that with out own pictures? I mean really? this needs to happen in my lifetime.
Ok, moving on.

The Time War

“No more” *now see my feels being torn out of my heart* 

We got to actually see the Time War! We’ve heard to much about it and we got a long good look at the heartbreaking devastation for ourselves, and we loved it (well, I did, speaking for myself).

It seemed to me like the Doctor is considered just as much of a madman as the Master was… I always knew he was a madman with a box, but when the TimeLords were talking about him in the HQ all I could think of was that they probably talked about the Master with the same amount of fear and annoyance as they do about the Doctor. That made me sad.

Now the Doctor walks alone with the most powerful weapon in the universe slung across his shoulder in a burlap sack whilst monologuing about the end of his race and sacrifice. Only to enter a broken down shack that I can’t help but wonder if that was something of his once upon a time… If you look closely at the things that are scattered around in the barn/shed they’re all farming things, plows, tires, cages, it’s a barn. A broken down barn in the middle of the dessert? Me thinks, some things have happened to the once red and healthy fields of grass in that part of Gallifrey. One can wonder…

Putting the barn mystery aside, we have more pressing matters to discus! Billie Piper!


She did an amazing job! My goodness, I can’t even being to express how excited I was for this! Moffat earns a nice solid slow clap for the writing in of Billie in this episode. I mean, we all got Billie, we got our Rose, but we didn’t ruin any of the story that T. Davies wrote! I’m so happy that Rose wasn’t ruined into a all-powerful hero that has no emotion, or anything that would complicate/undersize the relationship between her and Ten.
I loved how Bad Wolf has become so enormous, it’s one of the biggest plots that gets mentioned throughout the whole show the most (how we salute thee Davies, Eccleston and Piper!)

It was Brilliant!

One of my favorite bits was when she broke the tension of the Time War hanging over War’s head with her adorable mockery and sarcasm. (I’ve been quoting around the house more than I will admit…)

“No more. No. More. Nooo more. nomore.” 

and then to the fez!

 A rather unexpected visitor, but most welcome, indeed.

Just a little something that threw us into 1562 England with the back story of  Queen Elizabeth I. We now have the complete tales of the Doctor and the Queen! yay! with a thing that goes “Ding” when there’s stuff as bonus.

I like to think that the Zygon/horse is the same one from “The Girl in The Fireplace” ya know, the horse that got into the TARDIS

just say’n…..

Okay, continuing

I’ll just pass by a quick notice about the Tenth Doctor’s age just for the record and reference for later perhaps? 904! that makes places him just before he regenerates into Smith, so he was near the end of his 10 life span… *sad* Ugh, I can’t stand to think that it was only a little bit later that  he started to become so dark and sad….

But back on track, I have more to say.

Did anyone else notice the music that played when the zygons were hiding as the statues? and when the pictures were broken? It was the Weeping Angel’s music. That was horrible frightening to me. For a moment I thought we were actually going to get angels instead of zygons, which would have been bad news… but I think we’ve had enough of them for a while *cries* Pond…
But still, the music foreshadowed the whole statue hiding situation very well, very clever Murray.

Chiny, Sand Shoes and Grandad

Now to talk about the three Doctors. Was this not the best thing ever?! I mean,  three. Doctors. all. together. I can’t even!

So much sass, and wonderful zkjvcbsdaljkvnanf!

what are you going to do? construct cabinets at them?

Now, I know that there is a lot to say about these three being together and the whole relationship between then and how unspeakably wonderful the whole thing was. And since we’ve all probably rolled over these three a thousand times– or at least to the point that everything I have to say about them has already been said at some point. So, I’ll spare you all the repetition and repetition. 😉 Unless you really want to know, perhaps I shall write a separate blog for that.

But I will say that one of my favorite scenes was when they were all in the Tower of London together trying to figure out how to open the unlocked door. The sonics and counting the children, oh my feels! T’was my favorite.


Now for the things that caught my eye as I watched that I haven’t seen anyone else write about.

Remember in the black archive when Clara was in there with the Zygon /Brigadier’s daughter they passed by several items that were classified as dangerous and that they should never be put into public hands? Well they passed by a pair of red heals… my first thought is they might be Rivers…

red shoes yes?

and well.. what do you know? It seems I’m right!

River’s red shoes!

They are the same! Now I really want to know what exactly makes those shoes special… besides the fact that they’re super cute and well, they were owned by River… but who might have owned them first? are they alien? *dun dun DUN*

Either way, I thought it was something worth pointing out, a little reference to River in the special.

On the same note of River, Eleven seems to be taking on a few of her traits as time passes, (which is only logical since they’re married). Oh Eleven, you’re so cute, using the same words as your wifey, “What in the name of sanity are you doing?” he asked as the two Brigadier’s daughters argued about the fate of London with a bomb on the verge of exploding below their feet. Much like what our darling River asked when she spotted Eleven wearing the fez for the first time, “What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?” Aaannd also, John Hurt’s Doctor seems to have a love for the word as well, seeing how he did what he did in the name of “peace and sanity”.

Just saying…

As for sanity in the rest of the episode, well, I wasn’t sane I know that.

I mean, we had Ten and Rose/Bad Wolf in the same room, and despite the fact that they never noticed each other it still made my heart sing. Honestly, I’m glad they didn’t see each other, their story has been finished and it doesn’t need any tampering. I enjoyed how they handled that situation while still bringing, “Did you say Bad Wolf?” into the equation and making us all melt in our own tears.

But putting all that aside,


Gallifret Falls No More!


I don’t even know how to begin this topic. I mean, Gallifrey isn’t in nonexistent ruins like we thought it has been for the past seven series! It’s still out there! Sure, it’s frozen in time and I’m sure that the residence won’t be very happy with the Doctor when it’s all over and the world is awoken again. Can you imagine the madness that will ensue when they wake up and find that everything has changed, the Time War is pretty much ancient  history and everything has changed. I mean, we’ll probably have a few seasons after finding Gallifrey of the Doctor trying to stop the Time Lords from taking everything over and causing a mess in the universe.

But other than that, Gallifrey is still out there! There is hope! We have hope! The Doctor has hope!

I’m so excited for the future of this show! I was already excited for Peter Capaldi to be taking the lead as the new Doctor but now that it’s about searching for something,  there’s no more aimless running and terrible pasts following him to haunt him and hurt him anymore, because the thing that hurt him the most is something that didn’t even happen!

Speaking of Doctors….

Tom Baker!

Once again, I don’t know how to express my joy during this scene. The Curator, he calls himself. When the name “Doctor” is retired, Curator’s got a nice ring to it. 😉 But he’ll always be the Doctor to us.

But Tom Baker! We got Tom Baker!

This scene made me giggle so much, it was beautiful.

Did anyone else notice when the two Doctors were talking, Baker mentioned that “You’ll encounter a few more [faces], a few old favorites.” Meaning that we actually saw 14 doctors! Why? Because the curating Doctor was a future regeneration that we haven’t met, well we have met him, once upon a time, but this new/old face is probably one that we won’t have any episodes on, but still, we saw a new Doctor face! *LOVE*

It warms my heart to think that a future regeneration of the Doctor went back to this time to give the Doctor more hope and encouragement to go find Gallifrey for himself.

Oh how it warmed my heart!

(now, I may or may not use this phrase in common conversation…. I mean, who nose… Who nose? Who, nose, Who knows, or who knows? I don’t.)

All in all I found this episode to be wonderful, heart warming, and heart braking, and everything wonderful wrapped in a Baker scarf.

Moffat, you really did a good one, my friend.

Thank you guys to waiting so patiently for this posting, and thanks for reading it! Have a wonderful December and I’ll see you all again, when the Christmas Special comes out and tears tears from our eyes and pulls our hearts out of our chests. Until then, have a good one!


Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Hello! here I am again, late as usual. I’m sorry it takes me so long to get around to writing reviews, but life doesn’t always go as planned. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

But you aren’t here to see me apologize, you want to read something at least a little more interesting… 😉

“The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”

I actually took the time to write some coherent notes that i’m not guessing what in the world I wrote.

I loved the beginning,

“You’re like one of those guys who can’t go out with a girl unless his mother approves.”

All of the bickering about the TARDIS, I wonder how long it will be until the TARDIS and Clara get along? or will they ever get along?

I thought it was kind of  fun that there was talk about buttons.

“Please, tell me there’s a button you can press to fix this!”
“Oh yes. Big friendly button!”

when five years ago the button mentioned wasn’t quite to friendly,

 “And how am I going to react when I see this? A great big threatening button. A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances, am I right?”
(From the Christmas Invasion)

Times have changed haven’t they?

but sadly since the Doctor didn’t find the big friendly button the first time around in the wibbly-wobbly circle of time that this episode was, the TARDIS was caught and thrown into a trash heap. I must say, I was not happy about this, the TARDIS should never be thrown into a scrap heap and be beat on as selfish people try to break  into it. I wanted to say a few things to them, the inconsiderates! That ship is far more amazing than they would ever understand and it should never be treated so brutally.
But that’s how the story went.

The Doctor is very clever, I like him!  🙂 his way of sort of advertising the brothers to help him find Clara was fun to watch. She really is the “salvage of a lifetime”, even if at least to him, “You are the only mystery worth solving.” .
And I hope that I wasn’t the only one that thought of  The Empty Child when the Doctor saw the respirators, “Are you my mummy?” yes, the joke is worn out, been patched up and worn out again, but it’s one of the best episodes in the early days of “New Who”.


In the TARDIS with Clara

Once again Clara is wearing red. Either there’s something important about the color red and Clara, or the costume designer is going on a red craze, I don’t know, but I find it curious so I will keep mentioning it whether you like it or not. there.
She was wearing red once again, for the millionth time, okay, maybe the sixth or seventh time… but even then, when she’s not wearing it there are red lights around her! In Cold War there were red lights, and in this episode there were both red lights and a red dress.

When she stood in front of the door with the flashing light it reminded me of The Snowmen when she was dying, there was a light flashing at the same speed then as well as now.  Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Back with the Doctor and company

I thought that the Doctor seemed very much like a pirate when finally got the others into the ship, “My ship, my rules!”
“Don’t get in a spaceship with a mad man, didn’t anyone teach you that?” Rule #1: The Doctor lies. I don’t think the ship is his at all, or else he would have been able to control her better, he is hers. She throws the huffy parties and makes it impossible for everyone to get around. It’s herself and her rules.
and for getting in a space ship with a mad man,well isn’t that the whole show? Although it sounds to me like he’s beginning to regret bringing so many people in the ship with him, no one ever leaves the same, they get lost,  they leave as a soldier, they forget him, they die. He has changed so many lives, I’m sure he regrets it over and over again, but never enough to stop. He’s a lonely monster.


Back to Clara

 Clara went into a room filled with old things, stuff from his past, things the Doctor never forgets, he brings all his baggage with him, everywhere he goes in his infinite ship, his home.
I loved seeing his baby cradle! But then when Clare picked up the paper TARDIS I was hit with feels, the Doctor wouldn’t make a little TARDIS, but Amy Pond would. He doesn’t leave anything behind, and with all of the things that he keeps are stories that follow him, haunting him. the poor fellow.

But to bring this to a happier note and out of feely-weely land of stupid poeticness,we FINALLY got to see the swimming pool!  and it looked like he snagged the telescope that was in the Torchwood house back in Tooth and Claw, even the Doctor likes star gazing.
I wished I could go to that library and read everything! oh my goodness! the “bottle books” as I have started calling them– they are genius, something a Time Lord would make. Makes you wonder, if while the words pour out of the bottle, if they give a smell that matches what the words are describing. so, say one of the Gallifrey Encyclopedias begins to describe the red grass and silver trees on Gallifrey if suddenly the air around you would start to smell like it would have if you were actually there in a field of red grass standing beneath an enormous silver tree. I wonder if the Doctor would go and listen to the words and close his eyes and go back home for just a little while… *sigh*

Then there’s the big deal in the library, inside of  “The History of the Time War” is the Doctor’s name.
It’s surprising that a name that must be kept such a secret is simply sitting inside of a book in the TARDIS that anyone can read…
I thought Clara’s reaction to finding his name was interesting, she wasn’t scared, and it didn’t seem to be a very big name, after all she read it pretty quickly, and to her I suppose it wasn’t that big of a deal, since she didn’t even mention it to the Doctor until a long time later. His name must not be that scary, what’s so secretive about it? it didn’t hurt Clara any to know what it was.


Onto monsters!

So the crispy monsters were interesting, yes? I thought so. At first I thought they were some sort of mummy… but as it went on I actually guessed right! I was like, “hmm, I wonder if that’s Clara…”.
Although, I do have some questions about the monsters and the tear in time making things from their past come to life again and then things from the future. If the people from the past weren’t real, then how were the monsters real and able to see and chase down everyone? In my brain it doesn’t make sense. The past people were only echoes, yes, you can’t touch them, that makes sense, but if they were all echoes, there were just echoes of the into the future as well, the burned monsters, how could they notice everyone? they weren’t real.
Also, wouldn’t it make a paradox if the monsters from the future attacked themselves from their past? If they killed them before they were burned then they would never exist, therefore making the monsters never exist and well, round and round it would go.
can someone explain this to me? what are your thoughts on the monsters and this whole thing?


Just a little more about Clara

In the very end I had a thought (surprise!). When the brother was explaining to his other brother who thought he was an android that he was human he mentioned that he got in a salvage accident, and there was a big explosion making him lose his memory and all that jazz. I thought of Clara. Clara was in an ENORMOUS explosion in Asylum of the Daleks, maybe she just forgot her memory?  she could be an echo that forgot all about herself…? I don’t know.. I just thought there might be a connection. but maybe there isn’t. I’m a bit crazy sometimes.  Because, she’s “just Clara”, but have a “just Clara”, would that mean that there are “special” Claras as well? maybe “echo” Claras?


Well with that strange theory, I will bid you all goodnight! I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a fun one to write! I would love to hear your thoughts about it and maybe what you liked or didn’t like about it.