I Hate to Say It.

Hello friends,

I have some good news and some bad news for you all today.

the good news, I’m going to Florida on holiday tomorrow! for a whole week! yay! grand, super exciting!
but that brings me to the bad news,
I’m not going to be able to blog about Doctor Who until I get back, which means I’ll be later than I was this week (which was horrible). I’ll be back home with my laptop on the 11th, so maybe by the 12th I’ll have a post out for all of you.

I’m sorry for the trouble. it’s lame and disappointing, but I must say that visiting my grandparents is a bit more important than a TV show. 😉 so, I’ll see you all on the 12th or so! have a fantastic week, and don’t spoil anything for me 😉