Asylum of the Daleks

Hello there!

first of all, sorry, i didn’t get this out very quickly, i was gone with some family and wasn’t actually able to watch the episode until last night, but my goodness was it a good one!

so much to say! well, well, well, the episode was absolutely brilliant! my mind feels like it’s slowly burning away in madness, maybe this is how Donna would’ve felt if she remembered the Doctor… anywho.

i feel like it’s very important to mention the condition of Amy and Rory’s relationship before anything else, my goodness, i was heart broken at the beginning of the episode, divorce papers, and well lets just say i was dying inside from that whole beginning, even from the minisode when Rory stormed out of the house, i was in panic! “what’s wrong with them!”. as the ep. went on i was really worried, and i felt kinda like the Doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with them, because really, i love Rory too much, to see him heart broken for too long just kills me.

after Amy lost her bracelet and went under reconstruction i had a horrible pit in my stomach that Moffat would have killed her, but thankfully it was all under control. i can’t even begin to express my happiness when the two made up! so sweet! when the Doctor showed back up to see the two of them together i was half expecting him to throw out the usual, “how do you two breathe?” line. i’m super excited to see how the two of them get along in the rest of the series!

Now that i have vented my happy thoughts about things that are mostly resolved, let’s venture to the insane part of the story.


So if any of you have been even slightly keeping tabs on Doctor Who in the off season, you’ve noticed the new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, now how on earth (even though it’s not) is she in the situation she’s in?  being a Dalek, or so it seems.

i have a few different ideas on the answer to this. they say she’s a dalek, BUT daleks don’t have emotions like the Oswin-dalek showed… i don’t think she’s a dalek at all, or if she is, she’s still being changed, slowly emotions are being pulled out of her, to make room for hate (or maybe she’s in the asylum because they can’t pull all of the emotions out of her…). i don’t actually have a specific answer to what she is, but i have some ideas. lets see, first one.

Firstly, did any of you notice that her crashed ship looked like the inside of a dalek’s head? the eye hole, the dome. so maybe she’s a miniature person in a machine much like the one that saved the Doctor from actually dying, it’s far fetched, and probably not what’s going on, but it could be possible…

Secondly,she may not be a dalek in shape, but maybe they attached her to some sort of bonkers brain thing that sends her consciousness into the body of a dalek, (kinda like the movie Avatar) maybe she’s in a coma sort of thing hidden on the planet or even on another planet simply controlling the dalek.

and thirdly, my final idea is that she could be the security system for the asylum. she can hack into the very complicated and difficult dalek equipment, she uses all the system like it’s nothing, erasing information about the Doctor from all the dalek’s memory might even dare to show that she’s an even bigger security system/ computer for all the daleks.

they’re all pretty rough ideas, but all somewhat possible. she may even be a shipwrecked person who was actually a genius that the tried to turn into a dalek, and since the daleks have no need for other emotions other than hate, maybe the scavenging security system snagged the rest of Oswin’s consciousness and tried using it to make the system better, but Oswin overpowered it and unknowingly, became the new system.

another note. the daleks were sacred of her, which might not mean she’s a dalek at all, they feared her, they said that something not dalek was in there. i think there’s a pretty big possibility that she’s still alive and quite human, (cause i don’t think that the Doctor is going to have a dalek as his companion for the season.)

also, last i heard daleks don’t really seem to be the type to like classical music (especially if the Doctor was in it, even if it was just the triangle).

i’m very excited to see what happens with this situation, Moffat is absolutely brilliant! i know that eventually it will all get resolved, but who says that we can’t guess and drive ourselves insane with ideas of what in the universe is going on. 🙂 please feel free to say any ideas you have or any thoughts about mine, comment and even share if you like.  cheers!