November 25th 1974 11:04 PM

that’s a lot of fours…. okay… two of them– but there are two elevens as well.
“He will knock four times” is 11 going to leave soon?

*awkward pause*

HELLO! welcome to my blog! This week we’re featuring none other than the latest episode called “Hide”. I’ve taken a few notes and I’m ready to get started! let’s plug through this, shall we?

alrighty, November 25th 1974 at 11:04 PM. Ok I already kinda voiced my thoughts on the numbers, you can call me crazy (or maybe —  just kidding!) but hasn’t the number 11 been showing up a awful lot lately?

continuing on, did anyone else think at first that it was another episode about the Gelf? ya know, the aliens from The Unquiet Dead back in season one? when Emma walked into the doorway way I suddenly thought of the archway that the maid stood at letting the gelf through. another connection is that the woman who was able to contact the “ghost” was also a lot like the maid as well, both with unusual abilities, sort of psychic. and what did the first girl talk about? Bad Wolf! (there seem to be a lot of references to that as well.)

(I loved the bit about the toggle switches. 🙂 toggle is a good word, although I have never used it as a verb before. maybe I should try this sometime.)

Warning, a bit of Wholock is about to happen.
Alec Palmer worked at Baker St! hehe! and the Doctor drank milk.
ok. no more. if you get it, great, if you don’t, it’s from a BBC show called Sherlock, if you don’t know what that is, watch it. NOW.

There were quite a few cute and fun scenes in this episode, some of my favorites being when the Doctor dared Clara to go find the ghost.  everything was perfect!
another when the Doctor asked if Clara felt anything in the music room, she said no, and he replied with “Your pants are so on fire.”
and the moment when Clara realized that the Doctor had a big chin, when she was talking to Emma about love.

some questions now. why was the music room the heart of the house? I can’t think of any ideas, but it seems like there should be some good reason for that to be said…
Who was holding Clara’s hand when she blamed the Doctor for doing it while they were in the hall way? my first guess was the crooked creature, but that thing’s hand wouldn’t feel like the Doctor’s hand….  what else was in that room?
Lastly, what did Emma mean when she told Clara, “Don’t trust him, there’s a sliver of ice in his heart.” ?  Yes, we all know the Doctor isn’t always happy, but I wonder what the specific sliver of ice could be… his sad past?

On to the TARDIS!

This also has been seen a lot lately, the TARDIS doesn’t like Clara. It’s really quite fun! It’s nice to see the TARDIS with a bit of character, since most of the time she’s quiet and just acts like a vessel for travel. Ever since the episode when the TARDIS was finally able to be a person and share her thoughts I’ve always missed her and hoped that they would bring that sort of thing back around more often, and they have!
I wonder what makes Clara so disagreeable to the TARDIS? Possibly it’s the whole three different Claras at different times and places. Like she’s a nasty taste to the TARDIS’ soul, as though she were a strange kind of paradox, which we all know the ship can’t handle and doesn’t like to encounter.
If only the TARDIS could talk to the Doctor and tell him what she’s feeling. but why doesn’t she? she could talk to Clara and insult her just fine. ( 🙂 hehe which was fantatsic!)

now two are in the TARDIS going through the different times and ages, Clara starts to talk about how she thinks that to the Doctor we must all be like ghosts. I thought this conversation was interesting for a couple reasons, first one being because they were both having the same conversation, but they were thinking totally different things, Clara was thinking about herself and the people around her, all dying, time passing. while the Doctor was thinking more about her, where she may not actually be buried in the ground out there, or she could be out there several times over again.”You are the only mystery worth solving.” , she’s probably thinking of the whole human race, while he is thinking about her personally.
and the other reason I like this conversation is because being the sap that I am, I really like parts of stories that tell more about the characters as much as it tells about the adventures. I love learning about the depth of them and this opened up just a little more about both of them.

another thing about the TARIDS. when the Doctor was stuck in the pocket universe the TARDIS started making pinging noises. that seems to be a pretty rare occurrence. it looked to me as though the TARDIS suddenly changed her mind and decided that risking her life to save him was exactly the thing to do. but before that, she didn’t want anything to do with the pocket/echo universe.


The ending of this episode was perfect!
“Hold hands and don’t let go.” I guess that’s what you can call Doctor Who marriage advice, it’s few and far between, but when it’s there it’s pretty good (like in Angels Take Manhattan, one of my favorite things about it was how beautiful it made marriage (which of course is a beautiful thing).)
The ending his talk to Clara about “every lonely monster needs a companion”
methinks, he was talking more about his own life than about the two creatures he had just reunited, you can say he was talking about Rose as well, which is quite fitting, everything he says can be matched to Ten and Rose. (there seem to be a lot of references to Rose and Badwolf…)


well I hope you enjoyed this pile of jumbled thoughts and I would love to hear your own! feel free to give your own opinions, what do you think of all the references?