A Town Called Mercy

Hello again!

Brilliant episode! loved it! weelll, like i love any Doctor Who episode, really. It was a lot of fun seeing the Doctor in the wild west times. 🙂 not a very good cowboy, but he didn’t do too bad being a marshal. I guess i don’t have much to gab about in this one, it was very fun, i enjoyed the introduction to a new alien race, one that looks human. it made the Doctor seem less strange, since most if not all of the aliens he sees have some sort of quality that’s well, alien, but Jex didn’t, he looked normal other than the marking on his face. 🙂

it was absolutely fantastic seeing the Doctor on a horse! LOVE! it’s so not him, but then everything is but somehow it all works out to be perfect. i mean, fezzes aren’t really him, but it works and becomes a very prominent symbol of the 11th. i also enjoyed the quick “Stetsons are cool” comment.

it was a great episode, like any, although i feel as though there wasn’t much that’s going to be used in the future for the plot, or a place they’ll come back to.  it was a fun filler that had a wonderful ending, the fallen angel (much better than that weeping type).

sorry i don’t have much to say, i enjoyed it, but there’s not really that much, that i can see, that’s really worth writing about.
i’m still pretty new to this whole blogging stuff, so coming up with things to say is a work in progress.

but thanks for reading! cheers!