Daily Dose of Feels.

Remember how the Tenth Doctor’s catch phrase was “Allons-y” which meant “let’s go” in French?Do you remember his last words? “I don’t want to go.”  Now, do you remember Eleven’s catch phrase “Geronimo”? Ya know, the battle cry of fearlessness to jump into every situation and take it by the horns? Do you also remember … Continue reading

The Clock Struck Twelve

“You’re late.” “A blogger is never late, she blogs precisely when she means to.” *ahem*… *shyly waves and cowers from behind a corner* Hi-ya…. so… I’m a just a little bit late on the whole new Doctor thing…. Let’s just say that I was trampled by so many people and fangirling that I have just … Continue reading

A Forecast for the Upcoming Weekend in Whovianland

Well, well, well “The clock is striking twelve” and fandom emotions are currently pretty quiet, but there seems to be a stirring of excitement and electricity as the weekend approaches. Why might you ask? The new face of the Doctor has been found and will be revealed for the first time this Sunday. I must … Continue reading

Little Crafty Me. (Just something about Doctor Who that isn’t about the parting of Matt Smith)

I like to call myself a rather crafty individual. Most of the things I make have to deal with some fandom or another. So I decided to post a few Whovian things I’ve done. 🙂 Don’t really know why other than I’m bored, I have a webcam and I’m at home with nothing else to … Continue reading