The Snowmen

Hello to all and Merry Christmas!

oh my goodness! I have been looking forward to this special so much, I sure wasn’t disappointed about any of it.
it’s was mindblowingly amazing, and bogglingly entertaining, when it was all over I walked around the house laughing and clapping like  a retarded seal, this Doctor Who fix will last for a long time.

One thing that I have really been liking lately is how every time they show the credits in the beginning of the show it’s always different, this one was my favorite. I really liked how it was almost a bit of a throw back to the older ones with the face in the stars, and we flew through more than just the time vortex, it was all space and time, not just a tunnel of clouds and lightning. (which is wonderful as well)

but anyway, on the great stuff.

Clara Oswin Oswald.

need I say anymore?

all of my ideas are blown out of the water, *Moffat!* Clara isn’t a descendent of Oswin she IS Oswin!
I had some ideas after I had finished my latest blog about the leaving of the Ponds, I continued to think about how in the world Oswin was coming back as Clara (little did I know that she was the same person). I thought that maybe Clara, as we all know, would become the Doctor’s companion and she would go dancing through the galaxy with the charming bow tie wearing Timelord,  and then one day, she would leave, not willingly I guessed, and she would want to see the stars again so she would join up with Alaska and eventually crash on the asylum. there the daleks would find her and think that she is someone worth turning into a dalek, or at least into a computer system for the daleks, then during the  terrible process of turning her into one of them (*weep*) she might forget who she was except for her last name Oswald. so then as she changed, she would call her self Oswin Oswald because that was all she knew about herself.

but things don’t always turn out the way one might suspect, although I have some ideas that might make my previous hypothesis somewhat true, but that’s for later.

now just about Clara, I absolutely love her! she’s fantastic and already one of my favorites within only two episodes.
she’s so stubborn and spunky, no one can stop her from doing anything she wants, not even the Doctor (thankfully).

ah, the Doctor, my heart melted in sadness when he first showed up, he was so lonely and broken. but watching him change through the episode was so wonderful. my favorite scene of his becoming himself again was when he noticed his bow tie again. when Clara mentioned it being cool outside, and he looked at himself in the mirror as always, instantly he thought of his bow tie. that smile that spread across his face and the joy that sprang out of him again was one of the best parts of the show.

Another fantastic scene was the one of the Doctor’s pretending to be Sherlock Holmes. I died laughing!  it was absolutely perfect! especially being the Wholockian that I am, the nerdyness of that scene was wonderful. after all, for all of you who don’t know, and if you care, when Steven Moffat was first starting his show Sherlock and he was looking for someone to be Watson, guess who came to try out for the part? Matt Smith, now obviously he didn’t get it. but, correct me if I’m wrong, Moffat thought that he was too goofy for the part, so instead of casting him in Sherlock he offered him the part of the Doctor. so for us Wholockians seeing Matt Smith walking in dressed up as Sherlock Holmes with his death frisbe hat totally stumbling through being the legendary detective (well at least until before he started acting like himself again) was indescribably perfect. Moffat making fun of Moffat.

I must say that I nearly died when Clara’s one word answer was “Pond”. all the emotions were overwhelming. it was wonderful, yet heartbreaking.

and while we’re thinking about the Ponds, and of course Oswin, I’m not sure it was entirely a coincidence that Clara said “Pond” I mean yes, it was a good word to use because of the frozen pond, but at the same time the word pond doesn’t really show any bit of danger like the Madame Vastra wanted it to. I think she knew about the Ponds, or maybe she didn’t, it might have been something subconscious.

so, I have re-watched the episode now and taken notes on whatever I thought might be valuable, or simply funny. but I’ll spare you on some of them.
we’re getting into the part of the blog where I go on talking about my ideas and venting my questions to the internet.


Firstly, “Clara, it’s a nice name, you should definitely keep it.”
I wrote that down because I thought it was cute, but also because it seems like that is when the Doctor first starts to care about her.
Clara Oswin Oswald is what she goes by in this episode, but before she was only Oswin, what happened to the name Clara? why wasn’t that her name the first time we met her?

Second note, even though it seems like he started to care about her when the name was brought up, I think he really started to wonder and maybe even begin to connect the dots between Oswin and Clara when he asked, “Clara who?” and she replied, “Doctor Who?” I think that “Clara who” is going to be just as much of a mystery to us as the Doctor’s name is for a while. but I also think that the Doctor is starting to come up with his own ideas, he obviously knows something we don’t, since at the end, he was very excited and he ran off to go find her later. there’s something Moffat’s not telling us here….

Third note;
so, we all remember how every episode before in season 7 had something about flickering lights and Christmas? well this one is no different, I mean of course it’s going to mention Christmas, after all it is the Christmas special, but the lights flickered a lot in this one too. in the TARDIS, and at the house…. something is still going on with that…. I don’t think TARDIS lights should flicker….

Note four.
The TARDIS. why was the TARDIS different? I mean more than just that maybe a want for a new set for fun. why would the TARDIS change?  it only changes after it’s been hurt, such as exploding, or crashing… why would it change? did he try to find the Ponds and the temporal energy around NY caused some problems? or did the TARDIS just get tired of the desktop form she had for the time being?
(by the way, I really like the new look, I think it was a good idea, it gives Clara a new stage to set, with a new TARDIS she won’t be trying to follow after or replace the Ponds, she can be herself.) or perhaps after the Ponds left the Doctor didn’t want anything to remind him of them. he was hurt and the color seemed to fade away, so the TARDIS turning into something more boxy and dim seems to portray the Doctor’s feelings at the time.

now we’re getting into Clara stuff.
when Clara was in the TARDIS it seemed like it started to trigger something in her, she asked if there was a kitchen, because she liked making soufles, she didn’t know why, but she did. she also began to cry for no reason that she knew of at the moment. maybe it was the Oswin part of her, or perhaps it was something she missed, maybe she hadn’t gone on adventures with the Doctor yet, or maybe in her timeline she already had and she was missing them.
we know that crying for an unknown reason means that something important is missing in the person’s life. (like Amy crying at her wedding for the Doctor, or when she cried for Rory after he became non existent.)
something is missing.

Who is Clara Owsin Oswald? the soufle girl. Clara Who?

“Run you clever boy, and remember.”

the constant between the two people that are the same, or the one life in two parts, or two lives of the same person that keeps living over and over again.
she’s as confusing as River Song first was, my guess is as good as yours.
when she said those words before she died in this episode, it almost seemed like she had died before the words came out of her mouth, her eyes closed and she was quiet, then she woke up, spoke and faded away again.
she might be remembering her past being just Oswin, or maybe in her last efforts before she died she said it to give him a lead to go on to find her later.

her grave stone read, “remember me, for we shall meet again”
I’ve got a hunch that she has lived more lives than just the three that we have seen.

only time will tell. maybe.

feel free to comment and share your own ideas, I would love to hear them! this blog is my thinking place for Doctor Who, I hope it gets some ideas rolling around in your head.