Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Hello my fellow Whovians!

There’s no need to explain why I’m FINALLY blogging today. It’s a momentous occasion for the Whoniverse and all in it. 🙂


*yay*  (to put it lightly since it would be nearly impossible to express how excited I really am about it.)

Today is the day to don our fezzes, light up our sonic screwdrivers, adjust our bowties, tie our converse on and eat fishcustard– with a banana of course (what’s a party without  a banana? that’s right! not a party at all!)

Even though this is the day the fandom is exploding like Van Gogh once predicted, I shall not be entirely joining you all on this shindig.  (which makes me really sad).

Why? might you ask am I not joining with the festivities?

Well, I bought a ticket to go see it in theaters on the 25th, and I’m not going to let myself get a single drip or drop of a spoiler. Meaning that I won’t be talking about it with the rest of you when it happens and I’ll be in a lag sort of stage when I finally get to say my own thoughts about the whole thing.

But I’m still really excited and I find it really difficult remain sane over the next couple of days.

On the up side though, I’m going to go see it with my brother who I don’t get to see very often, and really, the only other avid Whovian in the family! we get to fangirl/boy together! YAY!

So, I shall bit you all farewell until the 25th when I will come in screaming with “ASDFGHJKL;”  and “I CAN’T”s whilst dancing in circles.

Farewell my friends!

I’m sorry I can’t join you on this epic thing. (it makes me sad, really) just promise not to have figured everything out by Monday and be done with the excitment. Ok? ok!
Until then, goodbye!





Hello fellow Whovians!

Sorry, I’ve been a hermit for a while…

I’m popped out from my little cave to share a special announcement.

we’ve broken the 2,000 views barrier!

We did it guys!

I really couldn’t have done it without all of you! thank you so much for following me, or at least just passing by, it means so much to me and it’s ever so encouraging!

Thanks for being so great!



You’re fantastic! absolutely brilliant!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure of all things Doctor Who, and for tolerating my insane fangirling, and for joining me.


The Clock Struck Twelve

“You’re late.”

“A blogger is never late, she blogs precisely when she means to.”


*shyly waves and cowers from behind a corner*

Hi-ya…. so… I’m a just a little bit late on the whole new Doctor thing…. Let’s just say that I was trampled by so many people and fangirling that I have just now recovered and that this is the first time that I have been able to blog… yep. that’s my story… and I’m sticking to it.

In reality it’s a horrible sickness I have called procrastination *COUGH COUGH* excuse me.


So, now we all know who the twelfth Doctor is, Peter Capaldi… wait.. was it Cavaldi? no it was Kigali… bah.. whatever. we’ll have fun with this name.

Anywho… can I just say that I’m really really excited about this fellow. I have high hopes for him, he’ll be fantastic!

I’m super excited to see what kind of Doctor he will be. Although I have really enjoyed the spunk and spontaneity of the two previous regenerations I’m looking forward to a more serious fellow, someone who might be a little more stable. I think he’ll still be his usual fun and clever self, but on a much lower tone, where he may not be obsessed over bow ties and fezzes I think he’ll have his own dry fantastic humor oozing out all the time. I kinda picture him having a lot of sass… kinda like Nine, but maybe not quite as lonely and dark (after all Nine had just committed genocide on two different species. that would make someone a little grim…).
Something I really want Twelve to be like is a sort of father figure, I mean, we’ve always known that he’s been a father and that he had a family at one point, but we’ve never seen the fathering side of him. I think that it would be really sweet if he was someone more dependable and protective for Clara as more of a daughter instead of a possible love interest (which has been the Doctor’s roll for the past few faces).

I must say this is very exciting for me! I’ve never been caught up in Doctor Who when something big like this has ever happened! It’s positively wonderful to be in the madness with everyone else as it actually happens.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is Moffat’s writing for the Doctor (oh, the genius!). Moffat has an entirely new game to play, a new character, a fresh page that’s very different than before.  He’s gonna do a great job!

Overall, to me, things are going wonderfully!  I’m very excited for the future the show and fandom,

I would love to hear what you all think of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, now that the dust as settled and things are clearer.

Until then, toodles!

A Forecast for the Upcoming Weekend in Whovianland

Well, well, well
“The clock is striking twelve” and fandom emotions are currently pretty quiet, but there seems to be a stirring of excitement and electricity as the weekend approaches. Why might you ask?
The new face of the Doctor has been found and will be revealed for the first time this Sunday.

I must say, I’m quite excited, but I’m also a little bit nervous. The fandom is on the edge of explosion. This is the calm before the storm. Enjoy these last few moments of peace before everyone explodes into their rants of excitement, nervousness, hatred, love, dread, admiration, of the new face of our beloved Doctor. (I also don’t think it would be too much to expect another wave of sorrow and mourning for Smith. *sobbing*)

The overall forecast for Whovianland: Expect some bumpy weather in the next few days, Friday should be pretty still, Saturday, expect a few early showers of excitement and anticipation, mixed with anxiety. Sunday, well, get your umbrellas out cause it’s gonna be a stormy day. Buckle your seat belts and get your typing fingers ready  to shoot out your own thoughts of the new face as the news is spilled and everyone’s ideas pour out onto the internet. Good Luck.

If you want to hear it for yourself, here’s what BBC America has to say.


PS. I have one last parting thing to remind you all of.
Remember: No matter what face the Doctor has, he has, and always will be the same Time Lord we all love and adore. There may be several faces, but it’s the same hero. All regenerations are generated equally. Love the Doctor. Even if you may not love the face of the Doctor at this exact moment, or the one you see on Sunday, just do your best to simply love just the Doctor, because that’s who we all love. (and eventually, this new face will probably snatch your heart away at some point in the future anyway.)
In Moffat we trust.

Little Crafty Me. (Just something about Doctor Who that isn’t about the parting of Matt Smith)

I like to call myself a rather crafty individual. Most of the things I make have to deal with some fandom or another. So I decided to post a few Whovian things I’ve done. 🙂 Don’t really know why other than I’m bored, I have a webcam and I’m at home with nothing else to do (actually I could be doing a lot of things right now, I just don’t want to.)

Say hello to Mr. Dalek, he’s a friendly fellow, he invaded my house at Christmas time. No I didn’t make him, but the thing behind him is a half finished project for a Sherlockian craft I’m working on at the moment.


This little girly isn’t finished either… (gosh I need to get something done around here!) but she’s a TARDIS box that is currently containing very random objects inside of it…

and the other thing in the picture is my too tall fez. but still my fez, after all fezzes are cool. 🙂


A TARDIS I can have close to my heart

But speaking of the TARDIS (this one is complete) I made a little necklace myself. Love it so much! a very good conversation starter.

Nikon #1 722

A Time Lord even needs to know what time it right? well it’s Baker Troughton’o’clock

Nikon #1 731 Nikon #1 728

Oh and I made a few books marks.

and a few snowflakes….

Nikon #1 763 Nikon #1 764 Nikon #1 765 Nikon #1 766 Nikon #1 767 Nikon #1 768 Nikon #1 769 Nikon #1 771 Nikon #1 770

And Christmas was a very nerdy one this year. The first is Pond themed, then Adipose, Dalek, Ood, Eleven, Angels (my fav!), The Silence, Rose (Doomsday, yes I went there) and the TARDIS.

Yeah…. that’s all. I love making things! I can’t help myself!

When Captain Jack Harkness met Professor River Song

so, I’ve been reading a lot of fan fics lately, especially Wholock. 🙂 oh the fun! so I was inspired to write a little story about Harkness and River meeting, the two biggest flirts in the universe.  so here goes nothing…

The scene was dark and foggy, it was nearly midnight in the middle of New York, the year was 1960.
A woman walked down the dark street, it was seedy part if the city, especially at this hour, but that was the least of her worries. she took a turn down an alley way and through a back door to a dimly lit pub or sorts. she stood at the entrance, a smile slid across her face as she let her eyes adjust scanning across the room, there he was, just the man she was looking for.

“Hello, sweetie.” she whispered to herself as she smiled temptingly and approached a man sitting at the bar, drink in hand. her thick blond hair bounced as she drew nearer. the man was talking to another fellow sitting next to him, “Hello, Alonso.” he grinned.

The man was stunned, “How do you know my name?”

“I’m kinda psychic.” the dark hair man winked, charm oozing out of him, “The name’s Captain Jack Harkness.”

Alonso looked at him stupidly, his big ears didn’t help the look.

The woman stepped in, “Hello, Captain.”  she smiled, leaning against the bar on the other side of him. He quickly turned to see who it was, he wasn’t disappointed, “Hi, the name’s Captian Jack Harness,” he smiled, “and who might you be?”  he asked looking her over head to toe. she returned the glance,
“Professor River Song. ”

“A professor huh?” Harkness said, “What do you study?”

“Archeology.”  River smiled as she put a hand on her holstered gun

“Well, you don’t find much of that here in New York.”

“No, I won’t.” she sighed, flipping her frizzy blonde hair away from her face, “But I’m not looking for any of that right now, I’m looking for something more important, I’ve been told by a mutual friend that there’s a Time Agent here that has something that I can use.”

“Oh really?” Harkness smiled, “and what do you need from this Time Agent.”

River looked down at his wrist, “Just a little of your time.”  she paused, “or more specifically, your time vortex manipulator.”

Jack stepped closer, “Who is this mutual friend?”

River laughed a little, “Spoilers…”

Jack wasn’t getting much from this River Song, but he was intrigued, “What makes you think it’s for sale?” he asked

“I know it’s not.” she replied, “but, I can do a little trade with you. ”

“What exactly are you wanting to trade?”

She pulled out the gun from her holster, “It’s the last one, there’s a banana grove in the heart of Villengrove now, this is the last Sonic Blaster. ” she showed it to him, “Actually, I’m pretty sure that this one is yours anyway.” she said matter of factly.

“So you want me to trade for something that already belongs to me for something else that’s mine?”

“Exactly.” she smiled, “You see, I’m in a bit of a mess, I’m late to a very important wedding, and if I’m right, as I usually am, you’re going to need this gun more than you’ll be needing your vortex manipulator in the next few years. and besides, you’ve got your spaceship anyway.”

Harkness was baffled, “No I don’t, it exploded.”

“Ah, yes it did, he told me about that, well then, I suppose I’ll have to make sure I return this to you a little sooner.” River smiled, “I’m sorry, time is a little confusing sometimes. You’ll be getting your things back as soon as I can return them, you won’t even miss it.”

“How would you know…?”

“Spoilers.”  she laughed, “So, how about you give me that, and I’ll give you back your gun.” she motioned to the cheep trick time machine and the blaster, “After all, I’ve heard that you can’t die, so you have plenty of time to wait, there’s no need to be skipping around time and space now.” she looked up to the ceiling as he tried to recall something she had heard a while ago, “What was it, oh yes, ‘So many species, so little time.’ why don’t you live in the moment and spend all the time you want?”

Harkness had gotten over his shock mostly, he took his drink from the counter behind him, “Why is this wedding so important?” he asked

“It’s my parent’s wedding, a darling one at that.” she smiled, “and I’ve got to save my husband, he doesn’t know it, he’s a little clueless sometimes.”

“and who might this lucky man be?” he asked

“You might know him as our mutual friend, the Doctor.” she replied.

“The Doctor!?” Harkness nearly choked on his drink, “You’re married to the Doctor?!”

She laughed, “and the best part? He doesn’t even know it  yet.”

The Captain couldn’t help but smile, “Well, once you save him, we should all meet up sometime.”

River put her finger to her lips, she chuckled again, with that, she took his arm and unlatched the time vortex manipulator and set the blaster in his hand.

” I’ve got to be going now. Enjoy.” she said she began clicking away at the device she had put on her own wrist. she looked up at him again “Oh,  by the way, 1963 London, you’ll meet someone there you might not expect in a back alley junk yard, it’ll be a real treat, Tell him I River says hello.” she winked, “And well, the rest? that’s all history.” she clicked another button and looked up, “Until we meet again, Jack.” she blew a kiss and winked as she vanished.

Harkness stood alone in amazement, a smile spread across his face. He took another sip of his drink and looked around, as he did a young couple walked in through the front door of the pub. The man was wearing plaid button up flannel, with denim jeans, and what a nose he had! The woman with him was tall and fair skinned with long red hair. They walked over to him. The woman was staring at him oddly, she was holding a box, “Do you think he’s the one?” she asked quietly to her husband.

“River did say that he was wearing a long blue coat.” her husband replied

“oh Rory, there are so many blue coats in the world, that’s hardly any way to identify someone.” she walked up to Harkness,
“Hello, this might be a little strange, but are you Mr. Jack Harkness?”

“Amy!” Rory trotted over to her,”What are you doing?.”

“I’m doing what we were told.” she defended her self.

Harkness cut in,”Well lucky for you, I am Mr. Jack Harkness, Captain Jack Harkness, actually,  and who are you?” he asked

Amy blushed a little, his charm was overwhelming, “Amy. ” she said. she totally forgetting about the package in her hands

Rory took the package, he was quite annoyed, they were in a hurry, after all, and there was no time for flirting, “It’s good that it’s you, cause we’re in a hurry, we have to go, but River said that this was for you.” he handed him the box. Harkness took the box and opened it, Inside was his Time Vortex Manipulator, it was a little worn, but it was still the same one he had given away just a moment ago. He pulled it out and out and found a note.

“Hello Jack, 
thanks for letting me borrow it for a quick moment. I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you in person, but I’m investigating some angels. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the future, perhaps.

PS. meet mom and dad, they were so kind to deliver this to you.” 

he looked up, Amy and Rory were already walking away, he didn’t say anything, but he heard them talking, “I’m so excited that we’re in New York!” Amy said.

“I hope we get to see the Statue of Liberty while we’re here.” Rory replied as they left.

Harkness chuckled to himself, he turned around and looked back at the fellow next to him, “I’m sorry, Alonso, where were we?” he sat back down, charm once again up to it’s highest, there was no stopping him now.