State Your Name, Rank and Intention.

I have found blogging to be a lovely hobby, something to keep me writing since I don’t have anymore essays or assignments anymore.
I live in a small town not anywhere special, graduated top of my class of one, and no, I wasn’t home-schooled I went to a teeny-tinny Christian private school. I am a Christian. I love Jesus with all of my heart, He is the anchor of my soul, He holds me in His hands and has been with me through thick and thin. He is my everything, and I’m proud of it!

I hope you enjoy my ever so Whovian blog and that you share it with others. That would be fantastic! I will be writing about my thoughts on each of the episodes that airs at the time. I may also throw in a few stories that I’ve written that are Who related, or just posts about my thoughts or theories about things. I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you find what you’re looking for!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy what I have to say!


PS, If you would like to know about some other blogs of mine the links are below:

243 Types of Tobacco Ash is my blog all about BBC Sherlock and a bit about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Twenty Six Letters is more of a personal blog of mine about just me, things that I’m going through in life, things that make me smile or cry, the works.

Under the Canopy is a blog of a novel that I wrote for Nanowrimo 2012. It’s about little people and love.

Thoughts From a Fangirl in Fandomland is a blog that I use to embrace ALL of my strangeness and nerdiness, all my fandoms and run stuff that makes me smile or rant.

have fun!

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