Vale, Undecim (Farewell, Eleven)

Well, today is a heart breaking day. Matt Smith is leaving us!
I’m sure a lot of you already know this, but I need to cry a little, so I’m going to join the rest of the fandom and talk about it too.

Matt Smith is leaving! noo!!!

I’m heartbroken and super sad, but it’s a bitter sweet thing. I love Smith, (as I love all the others) and I don’t want him to go, but a part of me is OK with the fact that he is. Isn’t the whole show about a man– excuse me– Time Lord who changes? the whole show thrives off of change, and to have Smith play the Doctor until he is old and grey is not change.
That being said, I’m sad that he’s leaving, but it’s good. I think 4 years is a good stretch of time for one Time Lord regeneration.

As for the new Doctor, I’m excited and terrified to find out who he is. So far the casting has always been magnificent, so there’s no worry in my mind that whoever plays the Doctor will be grand, I’m just not sure I have enough love in my Whovian heart to share with another one!
Although, I must say that when I first met Matt I hated loathed him. In my mind, no one could be better than Tennant, but after I finished series 5 and 6 I realized that Smith had slowly wormed his way into my heart and I realized that I had grown to like him. So there is always hope. Whoever this new fellow is going to be I’m sure we’ll love him or at least learn to.

It’s bitter sweet news. more on the bitter side right now, but it will get better.
Moffat, we’re trusting you. Don’t let us down!



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