Nightmare In Silver

Well, well, well, may I just say this is probably my favorite episode –at least in the top three of Part 2.

Nightmare in Silver

*dun dun dun!*

I suppose you can say that my only complaint was the children, but even they were kinda important, but such brats! There were so many times I wish I could have said a few things to them…. How does Clara do it? Coming from the perspective of someone who works with kids quite often, I would not be able to stand those children, they would probably be dead or I would be dead (no, not really, I’m not a murderer, and that’s kind of illegal. don’t worry, I really am nice.).

well…. maybe. 😉

The only one who can act like a child is the Doctor, because he’s a happy little kid and son-in-law. (feels *ouch!* sorry…)

“Golden ticket! Spacey Zuma! Free ice cream!”

What’s not to love?

Although, for being so childish he really has a bad sense of where to put children to have the sleep. In a room full of wax replicas of creepy aliens? Sure! sounds great, nothing scary in here… and then the great, “Don’t wander off” speech with a nice “sweet dreams” at  the end. Perfect! we’ll all sleep wonderfully tonight!
A funny thing is that a friend of mine and I have Whovian ways of saying goodnight to each other and one of them is, “Goodnight, don’t let the Cybermats bite.” well *phew* we don’t have to worry about Cybermats anymore, just a few Cybermites, not sure which one is worse, the one with a real human mouth or the one that can turn you into one of them… both are bad.

But speaking of Cybermats and Cybermites, I really like how they have improved the Cybermen! Because honestly, they were pathetic before, how on earth was anyone ever caught by them and upgraded before? They were slow, clunky, noisy, and over all cheesy. But now they’re much better, something I might actually be scared of. Congratulations Cybermen, you have now graduated to being a little more scary than the Daleks! *clap clap clap*

I had a good scare in this ep. when little fellow, Angie’s little brother (can’t remember the name now) got taken by the Cyberman, I freaked. Congratulations! That hasn’t happened in a long time either.

I absolutely loved the Characters in this story:
There was Clara with her amazing leading skills (who was, once again, wearing red)
All the soldiers, the little ginger one with the big glasses was a total nerdy cute thing! Missy, “Can I hide? please say I can hide!” and the bigger fellow who said that he had grown up learning about the Cybermen since he was a little boy, he was my favorite soldier (Did he remind anyone else a bit of Craig? It made me want to watch The Lodger all over again.).
and Porridge/the Emperor, he was wonderful, although I feel really bad about being turned down by Clara in the end, but I think he can handle it.

But best of all for the characters that I loved was Mr. Clever!
Is it OK to like him? I thought he was amazing!
He’s such a troublesome creature, he knows things he shouldn’t and uses it to his advantage, but not very well, he might have the memories but he doesn’t have the tact, “I suppose, I am the only one who knows how I really feel about you” *SLAP!*.
I really, really enjoyed watching him and the Doctor talk, and play chess, brilliant! or as he would say, Fantastic!
And running right along with the “fantastic” note I thought that the Doctor and Mr. Clever sounded an awful lot like the 9th Doctor, with saying things like “Fantastic” and “nobody dies!”. Mr. Clever was very dark and very Cyberman-y but he was also a part of the Doctor’s mind, which makes me think that all of the emotions that he expressed were from the Doctor himself, since Cybermen want nothing to do with emotions, the Cyberplanner had to get them from somewhere. It seems to me like it would be pretty easy to pull out the dark emotions from the Doctor, he hasn’t really lived the happiest of lives, although I don’t think all of it was from the Doctor, but it wouldn’t surprise me. “toodloo!”
And in the end, I loved how the Doctor showed that he was completely himself again when he killed Mr. Clever, by fixing his bow tie. perfect!

I also thought that the relationship between him and Clara grew a good bit thus episode too, or at least we all know a little more of it from the Doctor’s perspective. His jealousy when the Emperor proposed to Clara and the after Clara left the TARDIS,

“Impossible girl, mystery wrapped in an enigma squeezed into a skirt that’s just a little too tight…”


This episode is definitely a favorite of mine, I thought it was clever (hehe) and well done. Neil Gaiman, you have my complete and total respect.



4 thoughts on “Nightmare In Silver

  1. Sorry, I know you posted this long time ago, but I just wanted to share an AMEN with you about this episode. I just loved it, and I was rather worried that my affection for Mr. Clever was a bit unhealthy. I’m still worried, but I know I am not alone. 🙂 Thank you!

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