A Little Update

Hello! I’m finally home now! 

I must say, it was a fantastic holiday! I had a blast! fun in the sun and with family. 🙂 

It’s funny, I said that I was going to write about the latest episode of Doctor Who today, on the 12th, but I wasn’t anticipating having a delay for an entire day thanks to some crazy weather over on the east coast. (ended up staying at a super nice hotel for the night in Denver all thanks to United, (so nice of them) all went well and I got home late today!) 

So, here I am begging you all for a few more days of patience, (after all, we’ve all waited for Moffat, I’m just keeping you all in practice.) tomorrow is a birthday party for mt great grandpa, he’ll be 97! (woohoo!)
So, I will try to write tomorrow. Yes, that is my goal. write tomorrow. 

Thank you guys for waiting just a little longer. 🙂 (I promise I’ll get this one out before the next episode airs! – promise!) 



PS, I am also planning on writing about my adventures in Florida on another blog for anyone to read, that’ll be over in http://www.provb31.wordpress.com but I’m not sure when that’ll be up. I’ve got a lot of writing to do. 🙂


Any thoughts? please share

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