I’ve Been Thinking…


Happy Doctor Who Saturday!

I’ve been thinking lately (surprise!), about Oswin and that whole ordeal with her being a Dalek. I was looking at some pictures on Facebook about Doctor Who then I saw this one.


“Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not always in that order.”

my mind went *BAM!* Oswin!!!


“every story has a beginning a middle and an end, but not always in that order.”!

When Doctor meets Oswin during the Christmas special, in her timeline, she’ll be younger,  an average girl, the girl she was before any of the Asylum of the Daleks stuff, she won’t even have a clue, probably just some clever nosy flirt that the Doctor finds smart and takes in the TARDIS. Yay adventures, oh the adventures they’ll go on! but every story has an end. After the Doctor lets her go, or however she leaves him, she misses him and all the spacey wacey adventures, so she joins Alaska and goes to see the stars! which sadly doesn’t last long, since she gets turned into Dalek. 😥

Now when the Doctor finds her in the asylum she doesn’t say anything about knowing the Doctor at first because her mind was probably messed with and wiped, leaving only a few memories, like Alaska, soufles and classical music.

Another point that’s interesting; in order for the Doctor to get to Oswin in the first place, he had to go through intensive care. the place, as the Doctor said, where all the Daleks that had encountered him in the past during wars and such were put. Through intensive care he went, into the most intensive care room in the aslyum– no one ever said he left intensive care when he walked into the pure white room to see Oswin chained back (don’t people know by now that chains don’t work on Daleks?) Who’s to say that wasn’t the MOST intensive care, the place where the Dalek with the most contact with the Doctor would be put. which makes sense, if she was a previous companion, she definitely had the most contact with him, making her the most “insane” according to the Daleks.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end… but not always in that order…


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