Hello Internet!

I’ve got a blog now that I can talk all about Doctor Who,  and great news everyone, THERE’S ANOTHER SERIES COMING OUT!

All this fangirling that I’ll be doing will be very distracting, but I’m not going to try to stop because  I’m a Whovian!

Now, first question, what am I going to write about? answer, everything Doctor Who.

Next question, is it going to be good? well look at me, I’ve got no plans, no outlines, and no time, OH but one more thing, I have got season 7 !

so, if any of you out there on the internet have any intentions on reading this blog at all, just remember every great episode you’ve ever seen, and then, AAAND THEN! do the smart thing, let me fangirl.



Any thoughts? please share

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