The Day of the Doctor

Hello my fellow dearest Whovians! I come to you bringing an official blog post about an actual Doctor Who episode! (ha! that’s rare as of late) So, I just finished watching the 50th with my mom. I don’t even know where to being on the amazingness of this whole special! it was brilliant, positively wonderful … Continue reading

My Dear Readers,

Hello friends, this is a quick note to appologize PROFUSELY for not finishing my 50th anniversary blog sooner, but as I’ve said before with my over used and very exhausted excuse: college and finals. I’m so sorry guys! I’m sitting down ti finish it right now (but let’s see if that really gets done today … Continue reading

Just a Little More Time?

Hello my Whovians! I’m passing by to let you know, that you are not forgotten and that I’m planning on writing my 50th Anniversary Special blog tonight! I would have done it sooner, but the past week has been crazy with school and then Thanksgiving and family! family everywhere! So, have no fear, the blog … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Hello my fellow Whovians! There’s no need to explain why I’m FINALLY blogging today. It’s a momentous occasion for the Whoniverse and all in it. 🙂 IT’S THE 50TH ANIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO! *yay*  (to put it lightly since it would be nearly impossible to express how excited I really am about it.) Today is … Continue reading

My American First World Problem

Hello Whovians! I have some wonderful and horrible news to vent. As a few of us know, well, those of us who love music, the Doctor Who Series 7 Soundtrack was released on iTunes. Well, that’s what they said…. No, really it was released yesterday for some, like you wonderful UK dwellers, but for the … Continue reading